PC Versus Mac

In most civilized countries of the computers are rarely used for games. To do this, there is a specially designed devices – game consoles (XBox 360, PS3, Wii, PSP). So play easier, management specifically designed for controller consoles playing on the big screen, do not have to worry about whether the game will go on your configuration, and of the computer remains free for other family members while you are busy saving the world. But there are fans of games on the computer and this There is no escape, Apple corrects the situation. Game is. And in recent years manufacturers are increasingly paying attention to MacOS. Spore, Price Persia 4 and Sims3 – new items that were originally developed for multiple platforms including MacOS. I'm not talking about casual games like Zuma or World of Goo.

There is also a cider-ports – games ported to Mac from Windows. Productivity drops, but the opportunity to play there. Well, who does not reboot into Windows and play any game. Myth 6: Mac does not work in a network with Windows-computers were not sure whether the problem before. Now on the MacOS is running and sharing files across the network. And your Mac access to all shared resources network. No complications at all.

Myth 7 The MacOS is not a normal office suite, those that have not compatible with Microsoft Office productivity suite your first Microsoft released under MacOS. There's no getting around it. And to this day continues to produce the latest version of Microsoft Office 2008. I must admit, it works badly.

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