Paiva Netto

Until today that was not verified. In the book we are all prophets do a small reference to the famous pages of the French Seer, keeping in view the ardent interest that exists around his writings and the proximity of dates (1999 and 2000) of the aforementioned facts, whose truthfulness may be verified in a short time, if the years cited by Nostradamus corresponded to the calendar that is worth the most, in the West. However, never forget that the apocalypse is more important than the prophecies of the classroom teacher * 6. _ * 1 Vulpem et uvam (the Fox and the grapes) the famous fable of Aesop account the history of the Fox which, not being able to reach desired grapes, accused them that they are green, although they are ripe. * 2 Materials dimensions of the universe recently, European scientists discovered that there is an invisible mass that makes up much of the universe.

That so-called matter black or invisible led researchers concluded that only 10% of the universe is visible to man, whereas 90% of the Cosmos is composed of invisible matter. This recent discovery comes to meet the challenge proposed by Paiva Netto on the subject, analyzed by him more than 30 years ago. On December 21, 1981, when, in Porto Alegre, completed the decoding of the Lord’s prayer, reiterated the question the present people: not will the boundaries of the universe be vibratory? * 3 the intuition the intuition is always faster than human reason, deal with the effect of Divine reason about us. See Einstein and intuition, in the third volume of the spiritual guidelines of the Religion of God, page 56, published by Editora lift. * 4 Topic published in the journal LBV, in June of 1999 * 5 the Brazil and the authorship of Jose de Paiva Netto collection Apocalypse. * 6 French City Hall where he lived Nostradamus original author and source of the article

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