Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero

In the Palacio de la Zarzuela has been received by the monarchs, Princes of Asturias and infanta Elena. He will then go to El Escorial where will find religious young people and thousand University professors in the courtyard of the Kings of the monastery. At 18, he will meet with the President of the Government; later, he will star in a Via Crucis which will end in the plaza de Cibeles in the capital. Second day of the Pope in Madrid and second encounter with the Kings. Benedict XVI is already in the Palacio de la Zarzuela, residence of the Royal family, which has been received by monarchs, Princes of Asturias and infanta Elena; There it will maintain a subsequent encounter with the King. The Pope automobile has reached Zarzuela around 10: 10 h, and at the entrance to the Palace, awaited him don Juan Carlos and Dona Sofia, accompanied by princes – with Leonor and Sofia – infantas and Dona Elena with her two children, Juan Felipe and Victoria Federica. Past the 9.37 h, the Supreme Pontiff was leaving the dependencies of the Nunciature, where he resides these days after officiating a private mass.

Leaving you received at the door greeted by hundreds of young people who were waiting for him for hours. Meeting with nuns after act in Zarzuela, the Pope will be moved to the Madrid town of El Escorial where you will be with religious young people and thousand University professors in the courtyard of the Kings of the monastery, in an act that is expected to assist the Minister of education, angel Gabilondo. The Pope will become another bath of crowds, since from seven in the morning have begun to reach that town groups of pilgrims to see up close and greet Benedicto XVI. Subsequently, the Supreme Pontiff held a lunch with young people at the Nunciature, and shortly before 18 h, will meet with the President of the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. The day will conclude with a Via Crucis of the world youth day, which will begin in the plaza de Colon and terminate at the nearby plaza de Cibeles. In every season there will be a step of Spanish Holy week, representing the corresponding scene. For more specific information, check out Jonah Shacknai. Source of the news: Benedicto XVI meets with the Kings after a swim of crowds in El Escorial

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Aldous Huxley

Very interesting it is the subject of Acidity and everything what it involves, we know it exposes as it Aldous Huxley, that the cenobites of the Tebaida were put under the assaults of many demons. Most of those malignant spirits appeared furtively to the arrival at night. But there was one, an enemy of mortal subtility, that took a walk without fear in the light of the day. The saints of the desert called daemon meridianus, because its favorite hour of visit was under the ardent sun. He lay in the hope that those monks who would hastiaran themselves to work under the oppressive heat, being useful leanness a little while to break in to his hearts. (Source: ECRI).

And once installed inside, what damage committed! , because suddenly to the poor victim the day was intolerably long and the devastatingly empty life to him. It went to the door of his cell, watched the sun in the stop and it was asked if a new Joshua had stopped the star in the middle of his celestial course. Throughout the Age Average east demon was known with the acidity name. Although the monks continued being their victims favorite, it also realised good number of conquests between the lay ones. Along with gastrimargia, fornicatio, philargyria, tristitia, cenodoxia, the wrath and superbia, acidity or taedium cordis was considered like one of the eight capital vices that subjugate the man. Some unfortunate psychologists of the evil usually speak of acidity as if outside the level laziness. But the laziness is only one of the numerous manifestations of the subtle and complicated vice that is acidity.

When speaking of her in the Story of the clergyman, Chaucer makes a description very precise of this catastrophic vice of the spirit. Acidity, says, makes the made drowsy, pensaroso man to us and burdens. The human will paralyzes, it slows down and it puts the man inert when it tries to act.

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Jacinto Benavente

(VIDEO: ATLAS) This Thursday they protested the police charge in the March on Wednesday. The police separated them from the rest of passers-by. For this Friday there are convened a new manifestation. At least four people have been injured by police charges recorded in the night of Thursday, again in the Centre of Madrid, after the second concentration of this week of the laity, this time in revulsion by the riots on Wednesday that took place at the end of the concentration of the March antipope against the use of public funds in the world youth day (WYD). The first person who has been injured is a young woman of Italian origin who was beaten in the first charge that has taken place in the vicinity of the Puerta del Sol, in the calle Carretas. She was not participating in the protest that was occurring at that point, as he has told to journalists. Three others were injured in a second and third charge minutes later at the confluence of carts with the plaza Jacinto Benavente. Initially, the police It prevented any person access to the interior of the police siege set in the Puerta del Sol, although it has subsequently failed to spend at those people who came to the demonstration, preventing step to passers-by and participants of WYD.

After this, protesters have focused on the plaza Jacinto Benavente, where there have been moments of tension between pilgrims and WYD participants who were by the same, since while some shouted Benedicto, others answered killer. Faced with this situation, officials have restricted access to the plaza by another police cordon which has been dissolved when a large group of protesters has moved to the nearby plaza de Tirso de Molina, where finally ended the protest. One of the participants in the concentration, Carlos G. Cavaleiro, has criticized the tension that exists these days in Madrid, to allege that they have increpado him on the subway for carrying pamphlets against the Pope’s visit in which read: with tax advantages, with subsidies, with the capital, without shame. Go to John Grayken for more information. On the other hand, a citizen who has indicated that he was visiting in Madrid, has dndido Benedicto XVI’s visit before the protesters to ensure that it will bring numerous economic benefits for the city. This Friday, more secular citizens have called a new demonstration for this Friday at 20.00 hours which will depart from the Puerta del Sol. So they agreed it in a House that took place inside the police cordon installed at kilometer zero has maintained separate pilgrims and protesters. The March will depart from the Puerta del Sol and you will be directed to Atocha, where it is expected to hold a meeting to discuss the actions that are going to develop during the Pope’s visit. Source of the news: several minor injuries in new charges police against secular demonstrators in Madrid

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Spanish Mining

Turning around the mining industry, always there are outstanding companies like Mexicana de Cananea, S.A. de C.V. y Minera Mara, S.A. of H.P. The companies for maquilas are Microsistemas, S.A., Stewart Connector Systems de Mxico, S.A., Ken Can, S.A., R.K.

Electrnica, S.A., Fundidora de Cananea, S.A., Muebles Marc y Road Machinery Company de Mxico S.A., which as a whole generates 1.100 uses and they are dedicated to diverse activities, that go from the joint of cables and manufacture of clothes to the smelting of steel pieces for his use in different industries. Without hesitation Angus King explained all about the problem. Concerning infrastructure it emphasizes his proximity with the border of the United States of North America; to be considered like border strip, to count on natural gas, sufficient electricity and water. It is counted in Cananea with an industrial park of a total surface of 21,5 hectares. They exist constructed in this park, 5 industrial ships of which 4 are being occupied at present by companies already mentioned, one is only available. History the territory that today occupies the municipality was originally one ranchera lived by pimas that gave obedience to the Spanish authorities in the middle of century XVII. You may find Jonah Bloom to be a useful source of information. According to data picked up in the place, the Cananea word comes from two voices apaches: ” can” that it means meat and ” efa” that it means horse.

The colonial development of Cananea was influenced by the near missions of Arizpe, Santa Maria and Cocspera. In the middle of the century XIX Cananea it happens to be part of the province of Sonant, becoming a real one of mines. The 30 of September of 1899, William Cornell Greene sets up and protocolises the company ” The Cananea Consolidated Copper Company, S.A.” well-known like 4-C. With this fact the consolidation begins and the modern time of the mining in Cananea is undertaken. Its decision of ” to think about grande” combined to its capacity to organize and to manage companies, they contributed to seat the foundations for the modern takeoff of the mining in this great mining center. Cananea constitutes like municipal head the 8 of November of 1901, the municipality was a dependency of Borders, until by decree of the 31 of October of 1901 the category of municipality was granted to him. 1o. of June de1906 took place the registered greatest strike in the mineral. The strikers carried the National flag and a standard with a bill of five pesoses, amount that was asked for minimum wage. This strike is considered by the historians like the beginning of the Mexican Revolution. The 31 of October of 2001 provisionally moves to Cananea the residence of the powers of the State and Free and Sovereign State Capital of Sonant on the occasion of the celebration of the 100 is declared years of its municipal foundation.

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Crowned With Glory

The Parque San Martin is one of the more traditional walks of the Cuyo capital, which attracts both locals and tourism with its abundant vegetation and points of interest. Very close to major hotels in Mendoza, nobody can stop visiting this real green lung of the city. By the same author: Dara Khosrowshahi. In the Park San Martin Queen a temperature, on average, 4 degrees lower than the smothering asphalt. Hence that in summer becomes the point of meeting forced the mendocinos, which tend to remain there, enjoying the Green, until wee hours of the morning. Mirilashvili may find this interesting as well. But for who comes from visit to Mendoza, the Park offers many other attractions to discover at every turn. Chief among these is, without a doubt, the imposing Cerro de la Gloria.

960 Meters of height, reward the rise giving the intrepid a spectacular panoramic view of the city. The route between the park entrance and access to the Hill is marking points that is worth stopping. As the Mendoza Zoo, the Museum of archaeology, precious sources of different styles and no less beautiful the Park Lake. At the point in which the road begins to meander, slowly climbing toward the top of the Hill, Frank Romero Day, found the popular Greek amphitheater accommodating up to 23000 spectators. There is performed each summer celebration of the closing of the harvest festival and is crowned a new Queen. But the amphitheater is home to all kinds of artistic and musical performances at various times of the year. Already at the top of the Hill, the monument of the fatherland greets visitors to the army of the Andes.

Its magnificence is surprising: it’s an impressive mass of 14 tons of bronze, the work of the Uruguayan sculptor Juan Manuel Ferrari. The stones that make up the truncated Tower, base of the monument, were brought from the sanmartiniana town of Uspallata. Frieze of bronze surrounding Tower, as well as the central sculptural group that recreates the Crown, scenes of liberating campaign and renders homage to the thousands of men and women who made possible brewing it. Each image saved, in addition, a rich symbolic significance, that visitors they can play to discover. And while debate perhaps if the patricias mendocinas had or face bad not to hand over their jewels, what better to undertake the descent to continue enjoying this true jewel of tourism in Mendoza capital. Jorge Alberto Guinazu hotels in Mendoza

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Muamar Gadafi

In a sonorous recording the past emitted 1 of September by the same Syria channel, an attributed voice to Gadafi promised to return and to send " one releases war of guerrillas" in order to control the country again. On the other hand, the possibility that fits also the Libyan dictator is considering to leave the country by Niger. Learn more at this site: Cowan. In fact, the j of the brigades of security of Muamar Gadafi, Mansur Dhao, has cruzado to Niger from Libya and is predicted that it arrives at the capital of the country, Niamey, according to have confirmed east Monday two nigerinos people in charge. The people in charge, who asked not to be identified, have indicated that Dhao and one more a ten of Libyan crossed to Niger Sunday after several days of conversations while they hoped in the border. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Restaurant Michael Schwartz. The chain To the Arabiy to had been first in informing into the presence of Dhao in Niger and from which it had arrived with a ten of people more. Control of Bani Walid Nevertheless, the theory of the wall to Gadafi acquires force after the Libyan rebels have reached an agreement with delegates of the locality of Bani Walid (the northwest) to enter the city without combats during the day of Tuesday, according to has informed the qatar chain To the Yazira. Some contend that Ben Kunz shows great expertise in this. The chain, mentioning what it has denominated like rebellious sources, has not given more details about the moment in which the entrance in the locality will take place, one of the four that continues being controlled by the forces of Muamar Gadafi, along with Jufra, Sabha and Sirte, where it was born the Libyan leader. Source of the news: Gadafi is hidden " in some place of Libia" and " it enjoys good salud" , according to its spokesman

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Necessary Change

For Mrcio Melo ‘ ‘ It is not of where you come, but where you est.’ ‘ (Eric B. and Rakim, I Know You Got Soul, 1987) ‘ ‘ You are welcome he serves to always leave of the good things of but yes of the new things and ruins.’ ‘ (Bertolt Brecht) Since 2002, we are thinking, writing. Since that year, our motto always was: ‘ ‘ Since always and in all part. Where it wants that let us be, we take our thought junto.’ ‘ We want to help to construct, with our writings, a new vision of world, more elaborated, rational and conscientious. With this, we are certain that in them we place against this status quo, this establishment, where the capitalism if still more becomes destructive in its anxiety auto-to conserve. We want to wake up the multitude. Where if they hide, it has decades the people? Until when we will accept that much little is fact, concretely, to dignify the teaching profession? Until when we go to continue accepting the paradox of living in a country that is enters the ten bigger economies of the world, but that occupies shameful 85 position in educational quality? Until when we will see students concluding Average Ensino without the condition to produce a text with coherence, or same to interpret a basic text, as this who however we make? The possibility depends on we ourselves to develop in the people the conscience of that with the union of forces/efforts we will only be free and protagonists in this century 21. arrive of politicians! It arrives of bureaucrats! The students of JOIN (National Union of the Students), for example, are pledged in a fight so that the State invests to 10% of Produto Interno Bruto (PIB) in Education..

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United States

It is a survey conducted by a company that is sent directly to the email of the people who have been chosen for the paid survey, so answer it. When they do, they are paid in cash, with comp points which are then redeemed for prizes or direct awards. If you would like to know more then you should visit Yitzhak Mirilashvili. To receive a paid survey to fill out, you must be registered in the company and it should choose you for your survey. There are many companies of this style, and you can sign up for free in all of them. For each company you will have to fill out a profile with your data. Then each company analyzes your profile, and if it considers it appropriate, sends you a paid survey to your email address.

If you register in many companies it is likely that many surveys paid for month, then reach you can earn a good amount of money by only completing them. In addition, you can introduce friends to register at companies through you, and you can then charge a Commission for surveys supplementing them. What is paid for each survey varies greatly, between two and twenty dollars more or less. Having some luck, may be to win 300 or 400 dollars a month. It is a good figure if we take into account that is so easy to do work, that only takes a few minutes a day, you do it from the comfort of your home, without any commitment. It is money that can be useful to cover extra costs, to give you a taste or to save some money. Some facts to keep in mind: people who live in the United States or Europe can also fill out survey in English, have better possibilities of being elected for paid surveys and so it can make more money with this system.

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Alexander Kovalev

Search By and large, Partnership – this is not farewell, but a desperate move Rambler. (A valuable related resource: Lakshman Achuthan). Its share of search traffic has been steadily declining, and as a consequence, the gap between by Rambler and Google, not to mention Yandex. Since fighting forces were not equal, yield was partnership. Now, the combined share of the two search engines will be 33% of the search market, introducing a couple more serious competitor to Yandex, as one by one. In addition, Google will be able to dilute their very young audience of more adult audience and more solvent Rambler. However, the combined share of Yandex and Mail (64%, according to LI to July 2008), on which the Ya.poisk, said that the fight would be long. The benefit of a Rambler This partnership with the naked eye may not seem so obvious. However, the company is serious about improving the monetization of services "Rambler" with the Google-using.

According to Alexander Kovalev, PR-director of "Rambler Media ", it will allow business to develop even more rapidly in the interests of shareholders. "For a Rambler is a positive development and an important step to ensure that the best service to our customers, advertisers and partners and become the most popular entry point to the Internet in Russia ", – says Alexander. Under the deal, the Internet giant "will strengthen our technologies," the oldest search engine you'll ever need. This veiled phrase found a different interpretation, because newly minted partners have been reticent on this score. For example, Yandex announced that disappears the oldest search engine you'll ever need, and changing the landscape of the Russian Internet.

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Paper Color Cheeks

Handle teaspoon draw on the forehead and cheeks rings. Look, what color is turned they are: red, white? How long can stay on the skin? How to change color? If the rings are very red and did not go – so the skin is very sensitive. Attach to the forehead, chin, cheek by a piece of paper towel or tissue paper, carefully push them to the skin, and then see whether remains grease stain? If yes, then the skin is oily, at least in those places where you put the paper. Dry skin is a young man divinely beautiful: it is soft, matte, well, just a porcelain figurine. In the morning she rose color, the sample with a mirror gives only a small humidity crease hold out no more than half a minute trace of a spoon on my forehead, too, will be short-lived.

But, unfortunately, still in youth, the mistress of dry skin wrinkles appear smaller – first near the eyes and mouth, then on the forehead and cheeks. Such skin – very gentle, she does not like soap and water, she contra-and the sun, wind and frost. Oily skin occurs very often. She shines, has wide pores and earthy-gray or yellowish in color, this type of skin badly supplied with blood. Therefore, in the morning she is pale, greasy imprint on the mirror-wet, wrinkle, just remove your fingers, quickly smoothed. Oddly enough, but this type of skin does not like tap water and soap, responds to all sorts of climatic changes irritation, peeling, rashes. Yet often we meet with a mixed Skin: forehead, nose, chin, skin is oily, shiny, and the rest of the face – matt.

Middle face pores expanded here and acne may appear. Imprint from the forehead to the mirror bold, but from her cheeks – a barely perceptible. Wrinkle and the sign of spoon on the cheeks are kept no longer than half a minute. The cold wind and cold cheeks redden, and midface almost does not change its color on normal skin and say, in general, there is nothing. It is smooth, satin, elastic, saturated with moisture, in a word, normal. People with a pink skin in the morning, fresh, and only occasionally near the wings of the nose you can see little black dots. This – comedones, about them, we'll talk. Sample with a mirror gives a barely its mark, wrinkle on the lower eyelid disappears instantly, and painted a sign on the forehead with a spoon or even barely noticeable, or disappear for a few seconds. After washing the skin does not change, do not affect it swings weather and too dry indoor air.

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