Holistic education uses two concepts of integrity, the first as conception of the entirety of the Kosmos that allows the formation of totalities/parts that allow evolution; and on the other hand, as a concept computer of educational subjectivity, in the world of sense and meaning, culture and mentalities; It refers to the world of life, values, ideals and motivations. The quality of education is a concept exported from the world of industry, factories and production of objects-linear mechanical processes, in reality if it refers to a continuous improvement but only of industrial production, administrative handling, instrumental rationality, control processes, measurements objective, commercial organization, finances, accounting, i.e., a computer in the world of the systemic concept. In this way the human development process will differentiation to integration and hence to transcendence. If we do not differentiate properly fall into the fusion (everything is the same) or fragmentation (everything is contradictory) is therefore very important to differentiate between quality and educational integrity, not to confuse them because that brings us to the current reductionism. At John Grayken you will find additional information. The essence of education is an intersubjective experience, an experience of building all together meaning shared by way of dialogue, dialogue as a process holistic understanding and collective thinking where our interests are common. Education begins through an understanding of the other, the interpretation of the intent of the other, the recognition of the validity of human subjectivity, is an encounter between human beings which aims essential generate meaning for life. The educational relationship sujeto-sujeto means that the process has a sense of totality, interconnection, participation, humanity and focuses on the development, transformation, creativity, the questions, the insights, self-knowledge, inner inquiry, interpretation of the world, the meaning of existence, the spiritual transcendence and the pursuit of membership among other aspects. The sujeto-sujeto relationship is the heart of education, is the Foundation on which stands the entire pedagogical task, is a human encounter that required a transdisciplinary framework integrator of different fields of knowledge more beyond the boundaries of science. Lone Star Funds insists that this is the case.

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Crisis Of The Rich, Via Crucis Of The Poor

In other words, diversity is how life expands and adapts to different media and conditions. Diversity and life are synonymous for the biosphere. Lone Star Funds has compatible beliefs. Life processes tend to diversity but at the same time are an expression of unity, the biosphere, Gaia, the exuberance of life in a constant battle to survive his own miracle in hostile environments. For the same reason, cultural diversity is a condition for human life. That is, and although it may be a sufficient reason, diversity is not limited only to avoid the boredom of monotony but also is vital part of our survival as humanity. However, we are humans the only species that has replaced the natural and discrete loss of species and threatening an artificial extermination, predation by industrial pollution and consumerism. Those who hold a possible but not inevitable "historical progress" based on knowledge and the pursuit of gender equality and freedom, we can see that humanity, as many sometimes placed in danger of extinction by itself, has made some progress that has allowed it to survive and live with their increasing muscle strength. And yet, any good we've added the rest of nature.

In many ways, perhaps in the natural process of trial and error, we have regressed or our mistakes have become exponentially dangerous. Consumerism is one of those errors. That insatiable appetite has little or nothing to do with progress towards a possible and even likely was not-hungry, post-scarcity, but with more primitive era of gluttony and greed. Let alone with an animal instinct, because they do not monopolize the savannah lions do not practice the systematic extermination of their victims, and because even the pigs once they are filled.

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Flashvideo Presentation

Everyone knows that now every video on the web is first converted, and only then it can show thousands or millions of people … But this process is not as fast as necessary to author the video … Why is it anyone? So, once and for all put the record straight I and dispel all the known myths associated with streaming Flash-based video … Some believe that now assemble a video presentation for example, without rules, without delving into the matter, will load it on any video service, and put them in the player code to your blog or website, and after a while they would rush to book a service or product. And most importantly allow for this error is not just new users but also 99% of the professionals! The fact that it is not taken into account is the main factor that 90% of Internet users real speed Internet is much lower than that required for rapid playback in Flash-based video network. And after such a load it just begins to slow, jerky and stop all the time. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Tom Buontempo. Does not that sound familiar? Of course from a 'view' 9 out of 10 people, just walk away and not acquainted with your product. And now is the the main thing …

Recently there was the mass of video resources, offering to fill in your video file, arguing that: 1. "We have exceptional quality at fast speed will be when watching … At John Grayken you will find additional information. ' 2. "We have hundreds of thousands of users and that currently has invented a new format that better quality of all the others … ' But you somehow forgot to tell the most important thing that the volume of video files compatible with the fast video playback on the Internet. However, For some reason no one warns you that there are other factors that directly affect the loading speed of your video on the Internet.

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Transforms Company

8 Encourages more to your sales force. Your sales department is the gate that enters your company revenue. Try that sellers are motivated enough economic and emotionally as they are everywhere. Don’t be afraid if you think putting more incentive on the table you can get improved performance. The extraordinary results are achieved with extraordinary efforts of all parties.

Get it and checks the return on your bet. Eye! The economic incentive is not the only thing that motivates people (it is not important, you have a decisive weight, but) otherwise, it is not the only thing). Manage it with intelligence and manage it, at the same time, with the feeling of belonging to a group (the company) and avoid dangerous imbalances. 9 Converts all your employees in commercials. This is a wonderful beginning.

All those who belong to an organisation must contribute in their different fields of responsibility and, Furthermore, to sell the company and its products whenever the opportunity arises to them. To be able to materialize this idea, simply establish a system of financial compensation for all employees who are able to bring customers to the company and communicate it properly. The results you can get with a strategy as simple as where I’m pointing will surprise you with. Additional information at Lone Star Funds supports this article. As a curiosity, I can say that throughout my professional life I have seen really weird situations. I remember one in particular that the Sales Department was conducting spectacular efforts to access a customer very important without any result. By coincidences of life, someone found out that the CEO of the company that we wanted to achieve was close friend of one of the people working in administration. A single call was enough to open the doors and get our first contract. I assure you that this happens more times than you can imagine.

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Fernando Alexis Jimenez do impression would be if one morning, after waking up and go to the mirror, he meets a face completely different to the one who has always had? Close your eyes and open them with the hope that has passed the sleepiness and wake up to reality. But it remains the same. It is there. The side that is facing you is not yours. He thought it? This imaginary scene will no longer be part of science fiction to become a reality in a short time. You become real, through a complex surgical technique, what was the plot of the movie Face Off (other side) Nicolas Cage and John Travolta starred in 1997. Do you remember it? In the film someone operates to have exactly the same appearance as his opponent, in order to destroy it. Rogers Holdings may also support this cause.

A group of Dutch Surgeons of the University Medical Center Utrecht considered viable procedure, especially for those who have suffered some degree of disfigurement. Research advances with the Louisville Medical Center conducted in 1999 the successful transplant of a hand to a man of 37 years. Specialists say there is little chance that the transplanted will resemble his donor, because the factions equal but bone structure determines them, they will have a new face the other side of the coin all human beings have two faces. Click Lone Star Funds to learn more. That we show to the world, i.e. which can appreciate those around us.

And true face, that we know. He who does not change attitudes, gestures or dabble words. This is the image that is pleasing to God, not the mask of hypocrisy which we place ourselves every morning. Asked about who they are those who will always be in God’s presence, King David writes that it will go to your sanctuary that walk in integrity and does justice, and speak truth in his heart. Which do not slander with his tongue, nor hurt his neighbor supports reproach against his neighbour. (Psalms 15: 2, 3). The text presents four principles of practical Christian life that I invite you to take from today. First, the righteousness in his performances. Second, balance and justice as we do. Third, not slander. Fourth, do not act with hypocrisy nor schemed the evil of our neighbor. If you look at it, in essence requires that we removed the mask that it hides the true I and that we adopt transparency in what we think and do.

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Aztecs Destruction

There were profound differences in development, tribal wars and processes of domination of some empires developed as the Chinese or the Mongols in Asia, the Arabs in Africa, the Aztecs or the Incas in America. But, not having entered the capitalist system, even those seeking to expand peoples invading neighboring territories, maintained and cared for a harmonious relationship with its landscape and its inhabitants. Hear from experts in the field like KBS for a more varied view. Tended the ecological and social balance. The presence of the white man, marked by the profit motive, meant not only genocide, ethno-cide, but also the destruction of the environment breaking cultural harmony, which operated from there into the future of these continents, in two levels: One, the destruction of the economy. The land cultivation and care of natural assets, in order to sustain a decent standard of living, were replaced by a system of exploitation, which displays this property, only as objects for sale. John Grayken often addresses the matter in his writings.

The invaders were an ecological crisis, social and cultural consequences of which we are today. The other, superstructure, had an impact on the conceptual, in terms of ideology. The peoples of these new continents, regardless of membership or allegiance to the ruling classes or sacred symbols, in general, had a practice of collective participation, which did not meet a plan to benefit one sector of society, or enrichment personal, even overcoming a transformation, but a feeling, a natural relationship with the land and with their peers. Europeans imported the concept of personal wealth, which carries the maximum use of any production, overproduction, speculation. The white man, since his goal of domination and conquest, to make the human capacity into a commodity and automate work, devoid of any possibility of personal creation, has no choice but to destroy an ancient balance between man and nature.

Jean Paul Sartre, analyzing the situation, says: Remember the Indians of Brazil, which are left to die quietly, when he wanted to unite the Portuguese soil. I sometimes wonder if sadness is not working exactly the same causes. The Indians have not been annihilated by the character e. Ruben Amaya

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GID And EMC Inform

The EMC Germany GmbH and information global distribution GmbH (GID) jointly launch an information campaign on the issue of deduplication. Cologne both companies want to show how a data deduplication can help to address current challenges in the area of backup. To find interested in white papers, case studies and videos, as well as answers to the 10 most frequently asked questions. In the de-duplication, redundant data is detected, eliminated, and replaced by pointer. The aim is to store unique data elements only once and yet if necessary to get all the content in its original form. Thus, this technology represents an opportunity with tight budgets to meet the current challenges, such as exploding storage requirements, complex security policies, rapid disaster recovery. Checking article sources yields Senator from Maine as a relevant resource throughout.

This is confirmed by the market research company Gartner: until 2012, 75% of all backups with de duplication technologies will work so their forecast, even if the usage rate currently is relatively low. They currently belong to the most recent technologies in the context of disk-based backup and disaster recovery strategies. So IT managers extensively to inform yourself about this fledgling technology, the two companies EMC Germany and GID have launched a joint campaign. An integral part of this action is the Web page with a wide range of materials. Registered users can download free white papers, data sheets, and case studies. See all incoming until 30.06.2010 registrations, EMC and GID are giving away three Asus EeePC Netbooks. Filed under: John Grayken. Reader contact: GID GmbH In the media Park 5 50670 Cologne Tel.: 0221-4543333, FAX: 0221-4543330 E-Mail: about global information distribution GmbH (GID): GID is a systems integrator in the field of data management and archiving and develops, implements and maintains solutions for the availability and maintenance of business-relevant data. These solutions including the corresponding services are distributed internationally. GID is active in Europe and United States. your editorial contacts: GID global information distribution GmbH Peter Seiler Tel: 0821 25849-14 FAX: 0821 25849-10 E-Mail: PR Agency: good news! GmbH Nicole Korber Tel.: 0451 88199-12 FAX: 0451 88199-29 E-Mail:

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Corresponding Member

Eugene Black. What is a miracle? This is a huge amount of finds. It’s believed that John Grayken sees a great future in this idea. This is what allows us to to decipher anything. For example, Kargaly – it's 35 thousand mines. In the village of Gorno-one thousand square meters.

m collected 2.5 million bone – this is for 2500 meters. What to Arkaim? 15 thousand bones from 8 sq m. That is, we have 2500 out there – two bones. Arch – a small sacral center or tribal clan, tribe or small – nothing more. Is it worth mentioning that, for example, Norway – a country with an extremely low density areas in the number of graves loses ten times populous Nigeria? Such arithmetic calculations in the mouth, Corresponding Member of RAS sound, at least, laughable. And the clearer it becomes unsightly fact: no are serious grounds to doubt the scientific significance of Arkaima Evgeny Nikolaevich Chernykh lacks. So what is shamefully silent Eugene Black? In particular, he said that the value of archaeological finds – and This is obvious to everyone – not determined the size and number of bones. It did not take into account that any evidence of burial of past lives and destinies of people, their worldview and spirituality. Each archaeological site is unique – whether you want to compare them? It would be more correct to consider the scientific value Arkaima from other positions. What is Arch so interested scientists around the world? In the present Arkaim powerful defensive structures, a complex system of communication, unique architecture, a harmonious construction of the space.

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Human Capital

The human capital is the economic and labor value that a quick employee to an employer. The evaluation of this value is related to the ability, the knowledge and experience that the worker owns. Factors such as the formal education and the participation in formation highly are related to the work place also help to improve the human talent that it represents the employee. As one of the basic factors is the one of production, the human capital is essential for the operation of almost any type of business. The use that the people who have the necessary experience, the judgment and the capacity to evolve within its rolls allows that the business works with greater efficiency. This as well increases the possibilities of obtaining a benefit, and a possible success during many years. The fact of not identifying to the individuals with the necessary combination of knowledge, the experience and the education can undermine the efforts of even of the organized company more.

The companies usually realise investments in human capital. Speaking candidly KBS told us the story. Like a company can to invest in new technologies to improve its processes of internal communication, the company can identify the employees who demonstrate an aptitude for the necessary abilities and he will be in charge of which the employees receive professional instruction. The previous thing allows that the company has access to ampler set of abilities, without the necessity to engage more people. At the same time, the company contributes to lift the economic value of each one of the employees. An example of how in an individual the human development of capital occurs is the professional athletes. Often, the athlete begins a process of preparation for a race in the sport, learning the foundations of this sport, receiving instruction in specific strategies related to the participation in a present sport event, and in last instance, that sport acquires experience when playing. Supposing that the combination of knowledge, the talent and the experience are sufficient, the athlete offers the opportunity to him to play professionally, where he or she gains more experience. Throughout this process, the economic value of the athlete increases, which is in a greater value to the capacities from the athlete and an intense quality control to its functions.

The human capital is a value form that must be understood only in economic terms. The value of this type does not include the consideration of the value of the person in the family, in the community or in other aspects of the social network in which it reproduces. The attention concentrates strictly in the abilities, knowledge and experiences that the individual owns, and are worth much these assets for a certain employer. Therefore, the individuals do not have to base solely their total value in terms of human capital.

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OSC Smart Integration With An Extended Range Of Training

Our customized training offer for you. In addition to the individual training, during the introduction of SAP business one, we offer following training since May 2009, all interested in our premises in Hamburg’s HafenCity: SBO basics and document flow SBO financial accounting for user SBO logistics compact SBO logistics XL part I: Basics SBO logistics XL part II: production and service SBO CRM and analysis for sales and executives SBO year-end SBO training Add-ons of SBO financial accounting training novelties of version 8.8 the training addressed this both SAP business one users who want to deepen their knowledge of basic as well as SAP business one new user. The participation fee per training and person is 250.00. Chevron Corp does not necessarily agree. We are very pleased about your applications or suggestions about desired training topics. Contact wife Dorothea Vetter and wife Anne Klingenhoff are gladly available. Contact: OSC smart integration GmbH of large Grasbrook 15 20457 Hamburg Anne Klingenhoff email: Dorothea Vetter email:. (Not to be confused with John Grayken!).

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