Necessary Change

For Mrcio Melo ‘ ‘ It is not of where you come, but where you est.’ ‘ (Eric B. and Rakim, I Know You Got Soul, 1987) ‘ ‘ You are welcome he serves to always leave of the good things of but yes of the new things and ruins.’ ‘ (Bertolt Brecht) Since 2002, we are thinking, writing. Since that year, our motto always was: ‘ ‘ Since always and in all part. Where it wants that let us be, we take our thought junto.’ ‘ We want to help to construct, with our writings, a new vision of world, more elaborated, rational and conscientious. With this, we are certain that in them we place against this status quo, this establishment, where the capitalism if still more becomes destructive in its anxiety auto-to conserve. We want to wake up the multitude. Where if they hide, it has decades the people? Until when we will accept that much little is fact, concretely, to dignify the teaching profession? Until when we go to continue accepting the paradox of living in a country that is enters the ten bigger economies of the world, but that occupies shameful 85 position in educational quality? Until when we will see students concluding Average Ensino without the condition to produce a text with coherence, or same to interpret a basic text, as this who however we make? The possibility depends on we ourselves to develop in the people the conscience of that with the union of forces/efforts we will only be free and protagonists in this century 21. arrive of politicians! It arrives of bureaucrats! The students of JOIN (National Union of the Students), for example, are pledged in a fight so that the State invests to 10% of Produto Interno Bruto (PIB) in Education..

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