Currently the food we eat have a micronutrient deficiency, this is due to many causes: Croplands impoverished: The abandonment of fallow or cultivation of sheets, along with the intensive exploitation of the fields produce a gradual impoverishment of the soil . This lack of nutrients are transferred to food, that lack of substrates necessary to develop optimally inadequate cooking methods: The overcooking the fried, the reduces overall heat an average of 56% of the nutrients from food. Transport and improper food storage: Something similar occurs with the transport of food and its maturation in refrigeration, freezing up to 83% lose their nutrients, and to keep them dull or canned to 94%. To this we must add other intervening causes of this shortfall, such as the use of snuff (snuff Benzopyrenes of that release many free radicals are controlled with vitamin C, a cigarette consume 20 mg of ascorbic acid per day), anxiety and stress that weaken our immune system and consume large amounts of vitamin C, or alcohol and drugs, which have a similar effect. The sum of all these factors encouraged, according to Pauling, implement our diet with vitamin supplements to preserve the organic homeostasis, or what is the same, an optimal state of health.

We need about 59 essential micronutrients. Besides vitamins our cells feed minerals, trace elements, enzymes, essential fatty acids (eg omega) and phytoelements, all substances that come in synergy with the macronutrients to become what some have called the molecules of living. The next article will explain the role of key micronutrients, until then some facts: Up to 60% of the population suffers from nutritional deficiencies. The drugs produced every year, just for side effects, 10000 deaths. To assimilate the refined sugar the body uses large amounts of mineral salts, without getting any of this sugar intake, this same applies to all products that use refined sugar pastries, sugary drinks, margarine, ice cream, chocolatea It is very important have the bowel clean for better absorb nutrients. To correct constipation and the colon to function efficiently (the cumulative toxicity in the large intestine seem not to lay down when it may cause the modification of the core of cells in this area and trigger a colon cancer) is necessary to consume lots of fiber (bran, flax seeds, fruits and vegetables, s etc ).

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