“Mandatory Fire Insurance

Russian Emergency Situations Ministry prepared a draft federal law on fire insurance ", which involves mandatory civil liability insurance of individuals and entities involved in entrepreneurial activities, for injury or property injured by fire. The bill requires that the duty on insurance of civil liability arises from an individual from the moment when he property rights, a legal entity – from the moment of its creation, the individual entrepreneur – from the moment of state registration of a person as an individual entrepreneur. On this Bill talked a long time, but seriously began to think of the tragedy in Perm, in the nightclub "Lame Horse". According to the Ministers of Emergencies, the developer of the law, Sergei Shoigu – it is international practice, and Russian defense mechanisms against such tragedies yet. The bill is still under development and is still not clear what the insurance rates are set. Also still solve the problem of the amount of payments lost strahovoh or injured in the fire. At the moment, the sum of 600 thousand rubles, but the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry proposes to increase this figure to 2 million rubles.

It is, accordingly, entail an increase in insurance rates. It is known that the bill may come to the end of February – early March. Provisional date of the bill into force on 1 January 2011. This bill is intended to bring order to this area of fire safety. Not secret that this subject has long been a headache not only in individual regions, but the whole country. This law will reduce the burden on the budget, increase the compensation to the victims at the expense of money insurers. In addition, increase the responsibility of regulatory authorities, issuing work permits entertainment.

What you're waiting for us, ordinary people: First of all, get ready to lay out another sum of insurers, as Insurance is compulsory and as stated in the law: "The obligation to implement the compulsory fire insurance arises from the property owner since the beginning of his tenure so property " Following the compulsory motor tpl insurance (Compulsory Third Party Liability) and CBOs (Mandatory Medical Insurance) is the third "obyazalovke", and the premium will be "kicking the can afford" many citizens. On the other hand, many understand the need for this bill. Many citizens have already hedged their fire responsibilities, only voluntarily. What you're waiting for insurers: It's still a big question as yet unknown the exact amount of insurance rates and insurance payments. However, it is known that the compulsory fire insurance may become a driving force of the insurance market, since its volume is approximately 2 times more than the market for compulsory motor tpl insurance. There will already be a question of what insurers are in great confidence of the people and the people who suffer with their money. Of course the bill – a measure of useful and necessary, but at the same time for a few years is clearly overdue. No doubt it will cause outrage among the population due to the regular collection of money, but over time, as is the case with transport insurance, people will realize benefits of this innovation.

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