Light Metal Structures

Buildings made of light metal structures, are ubiquitous. Construction was most prevalent in the past 10-15 years, and is relatively new. Nevertheless, he confidently wins seat in the construction market, both in Russia and abroad due to the high ratio of cost and quality of facilities. The peculiarity of light metal – no welded joints and minimum required under are the foundation (usually tape or pile). This feature speeds up the process of assembly and allows it to cost-effectively.

In addition, the skeletal structures are not used heavy wall materials (Brick, sand-lime block, reinforced concrete panel), which not only reduces the total weight of structures, but also gives scope for original design decisions. As cladding used sandwich panel – insulated panels with shell made of galvanized sheet. The common disadvantage of metal usually referred low fire and baseness. The first reason is that the metal under high temperature changes its physical characteristics, resulting in reduced structural strength. However, at this stage in the LMC using techniques that enhance and fire resistance, and resistance to corrosion. Steel profile zinc, and the project framework is tailored to all fire safety requirements and heat-conductive material properties. Therefore, in practice the reliability of the design does not cause fear or . can be made both on standard designs and custom made. In any case, the prefabricated structure on the basis of the LMC is cheaper capital monolithic structure.

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