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Sprout Social offers comprehensive tools that help companies efficiently and effectively management and increase your social presence across multiple channels (network marketing). It is a social relations manager designed to allow small businesses, agencies and brands, managing multiple social networks from a central dashboard. It is increasingly essential for companies and brands of all sizes have a presence in social media. One of the continuous obstacles that these companies are still facing, however, is how to manage multiple social channels. The fundamental problem is that the social networks were designed for consumers, not for companies (or SMEs). This means that the necessary tools to monitor and manage these networks tend to be integrated in the service itself. In the past 12 months, more and more players have entered the social media space. Some, like Involver and Vitrue, adopting an approach of high level for large brands and they also offer tools for creating applications.

Other services like HootSuite lie on the boundary between consumers and companies. What we love about Social Sprout is performs solid bid for the brands or smaller agencies, and also offers more robust management tools, but is still affordable. Prices start at $9.99 per month to manage up to five identities. For $49.99 a month, 10 identities or locations that you can control, additional measurements and more advanced data trails are available. At $9.99 per month plan, Sprout Social can control Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

This means that you can find and monitor these networks, cross post to social networks and do things like links and reference tracking. For users who choose to spend $49.99 per month, adds support to Yelp and FourSquare (quadrangle) support, geographical orientation and the ability to create special dishes of the day or offers. This makes Social Sprout a especially useful tool for businesses such as restaurants or shops to the retail.

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