Federal Program

That image not only symbolized the existing contrast between the urbanization and the forest, also symbolized my entrance in a total new world and that it would provoke great conflicts in my paulistanas references. Envira is situated in the gutter of the River Juru, verge with the Acre, distant about 1.300 straight-line km of Manaus. Its localization alone makes possible the access for small airplanes mono and twin-engine planes and for saw fluvial. A trip of boat until Manaus delays of 15 the 20 days, depending on the time of the year. The city possua, at the time, an esteem population of 13.300> inhabitants, spread for 13.369 km of territorial extension.

In the urban zone the population did not exceed the 5,000 inhabitants, also spread for the peripheral areas of the city, called agrovilas, colonies and injects. The city received signals from transmission of the nets Globo and Bandeirantes, but not possua radio and supplier for Internet. Periodicals did not exist and the weekly Post office delivered reviewed for signature with delay. It did not have until then any agency or banking rank. It was not love to the first sight. For somebody natural thing of the Capital of So Paulo, the committee of good comings of piuns (very small, but powerful, typical insects of the region) caused a great resistance, happily surpassed for the pleasantness of the population. In that first and inesquecvel trip, taken for an intense allergy, I was most of the time locked in the room of the hotel, with conditional air, to run away from these terrible defenders of the environment. Of 1997 the 2001, I visited the region monthly, following, in the zones agricultural and urban, the development of one Federal Program of Education of Young Adults, through a partnership with the University for which it worked.

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