European Capitals

Surely, nor the own Melina Mercuri, in its stage like Minister of Culture of Greece there by year 1985, was conscious of the success that was going to have its idea to create every year one European Capital of the Culture. When now they are fulfilled 25 years from that one first designation that fell to Athens, it has been possible to verify that he is one of the best methods to drive secondary cities, to equip them with good infrastructures, cheap improvements in communications, flights to near airports, and to favor the interest by the culture and the inside and abroad in question tourism. Jonah Shacknai Los Angeles is a great source of information. Good example of what has been said is the struggle that there is in Spain between anything less than 13 cities than they try to secure the nomination: Alcala de Henares, Burgos, Cceres, Cordova, River basin, Malaga, Oviedo-Gij’on-Avils, Pamplona, San Sebastin, Santander, Segovia, Tarragona and Saragossa. In 2010 there are new features: a city that is not absolutely European like Istambul; and all an industrial region instead of one capital, the river basin of the Ruhr. And in addition, Hungarian Pecs. Ruhr, when the industry and the mine become works of art Although the official title is the one of European Capital of the Culture, in the case of Germany, that capitalidad affects the ample zone that includes/understands the metropolitan region of the Ruhr and its famous river basin, in which 53 cities are included, most important is Essen, that it will welcome more than 300 cultural projects and 2500 events throughout the year showing an innovating region and outside the common thing. Its motto for this year is the change through the culture, the culture through change, and try to show the world that Ruhr will not follow the wake of anybody, but will be the future. .

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