Economy Right

If the politician follows with patches, the best advice to the investor is to go away of vacations. The uncertainty is something inherent to the financial markets, but to make money in the markets it is necessary to guess right, and to guess right must as well as possible be predicted the enterprise evolution of the economy and results. To make predictions with base in the economic information available and to guess right not only are possible, is what must be demanded to that advises to you. It will not always guess right, but it must have more successes than mistakes (and that when it is mistaken know to retire in time). Economy according to the enterprise PROFIM and results mark tendencies that are predictable, But when the markets depend on the policy, the thing changes, mainly they are the politicians of the moment do not have clear and consistent political strategies. , Since I work like financial adviser, I have never seen the European politicians more confused and surpassed by the events nor that do not know so much the operation of the markets. But, and if harassed and surpassed by events decide to make brave and drastic decisions that end this drain once and for all? The circumstances could turn to the mediocre European politicians in leaders by accident, in which case the situation would change radically. The good news is that it is not impossible says PROFIM. The bad one is that nobody, not even they, know what they are going to do. It will have to hope, to see consequently and to act.

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