Diego Cervo Drink

” Comrades, take the example of the 40’s, oh … It’s intoxicating, of course, not just food, but skip the subject is impossible. As my good friend: “Are you here have come from?”. Americans in the film not only eat but they drink. And they only drink properly, advocating the culture of consumption of this product. For those who have not guessed – it’s a whiskey and soda. Let me tell you – the desperate crap! For the uninitiated – it is swill, which you can drink only when you want to save money. Everything! Imagine a whiskey, but not the good old Scottish Teacher’s Highland Cream Scotch Whisky, and Local flood of women Nadi.

It is mixed 1:3 with plain water, to drive out through the siphon. Has anyone tried it with iced tea balm “Idnakar”? This is the same. What am I doing? Yes, in American cinema drink immoral. A Scotch and soda (cold Tea “Idnakar”) – it is stylish. From his movie … … I want to End domestic masterpiece. Is with us every year is played on TV on December 31.

By smiles on your faces I understand that guessed. “Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath” has raised no one generation, and taught to cook this unfortunate jellied fish. The thing is delicious, I liked it. But there is not one of the Soviet flavor, where guests were asked not of food or praise the hostess. They are worried about something else: “Where the herring take? “. Friends, in the movie eating, eat a lot. Movies are sometimes taught etiquette at the table, shows us a simple townsfolk from the provinces, as well as a mussel. And this is a good thing. It’s like a first kiss. You asked where he learned kissing, and you answer – read / watched a movie / saw. Suppose we do not have the opportunity to try the lobster right now, but if you can show off talent, and peeped in the movie “Kakraki.” And to the question “Have you ever eaten lobster?” do not ask, “Who is it?”. Bon Appetit, my friends! See the right movie, eat useful food.

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