Capital Movement

Despite the charm that causes economic, educational and political centralism, it is undeniable to speak of cultural greatness of the city of Mexico, where high and robust trees framing the painting to the capital and beautify the backdrop covered with asphalt and concrete. Far away the face of the city of Mexico tends to see arisca, little friendly and hostile, thank you the countless stories of insecurity that flood the capital air. However, for those who have lived the city in the last 20 or 30 years will know about the dizzying transformation that has suffered, bolstering as one of the great cities of the 21st century. This new face has been tapped by the real estate in Mexico City who have also formed part of the astonishing transformation, by investing in beautiful and eclectic buildings which have attracted eyes of nationals and foreigners, who come seeking degrees or artistic experiences that increase their portfolios. Almost all streets breathe a pleasant atmosphere of equality, tolerance and inclusion.

Diversity painted with different colors to the chilangos who inhabit a world of multiple architectural expressions. Since the eclectic magic makes that we can admire colonial monuments, next to neoclassical and art nouveau, or of imposing buildings porfiristas alongside modern or Californian constructions. Restaurants, bars, shows, super tracks, centers markets as possible and the impossible, museums, archeological sites, ecological reserves, in the end, there is no doubt that in the city there is Interior to discover and enjoy world. A sample of this live day by day in the various colonies and neighbourhoods that make up the city. In them that magic of eclecticism that makes a mystic place full of surprises for its inhabitants and tourists who always find themselves in the streets of the city of Mexico is enclosed and houses a place in his heart. For this reason many colonies are being repopulated by an impressive number of foreigners and people coming from the interior of the Republic, who leverage the facilities that economic growth allows real estate agents to provide to new city dwellers.

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