Capital Funds Management

in3capital proposes through its direct investment capital funds provide in addition to the traditional injection of capital in companies, partnership in the management of the business of the companies which it invests. Thus, in addition to finding the best solution to consolidate the financial structure, in3capital aims to provide added value with its management team. This is a very significant difference with respect to the exclusive financial participation of other venture capital funds. Venture capital seeks to increase the company’s value without intervening in the control of day to day type of operations involved in3capital: acquisitions: purchases of companies with or without debt (LBO/MBO/MBI) development: contribution of capital to accelerate growth and/or strengthen financial structure and management for process improvement and internationalization usual situations in which in3capital is interested in investing: Generational family business divestments of business groups Societies with opportunities for operational improvement firms in processes of consolidation characteristics main in3capital search in a company are: A market segment with growth potential: high rates of growth are required since the objective is to capture a greater market share and to do this it is necessary that the company is well-positioned to grow within this market segment. Lady Stepper, then click here. A segment of mature market and in the process of downsizing: will allow purchases of more than one company to merge them so you can maximize their capabilities, distinguish itself from its competitors and achieve higher returns on investment. It is a good way to enhance competitive strengths through the creation of synergies between the merged companies. An ambitious and realistic business plan: a poor business, with meagre growth plan is not of interest. The experience of in3capital can bring you more profitability with improving management. A very important difference, with respect to participation exclusively financial’s other venture capital funds.

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