Capital French One

If there is a Mecca for writers and lovers of literature, this would be Paris in all likelihood. For centuries, Paris has adopted and inspired famous writers, from Moliere through Fitzgerald and Wilde to Djuna Barnes. Visiting Paris, you can hardly escape the presence of these teachers. With an activity as normal and daily as a coffee, you can see a plate that says nothing more and nothing less that Hemingway wrote in this coffee party (The Sun Also Rises, 1926). Like your hotel in Paris is one of the hotels in Paris, in which Henry Miller spent some time in 1930 (Hotel St-Germain des Pres). Once you begin to pay attention, you realize you of many monuments, plaques, museums, restaurants, and street names which honour the literary giants of Paris. I write you a few places that will take you inspiration or just want to visit to pay homage to some of history’s largest writers here.

Les Deux Magots between Paris, Les Deux Magots literary goals is probably one of the most famous. Although many people says that today he is not nothing more than a trap for tourists, as a lover of literature could lose is the cafeteria in which James Baldwin rushed to attend to meet with Richard Wright? or the cafeteria which houses a photo of a young Simone de Beauvoir that concentrated wrote scribbles in a notebook? or to see one of the sites that used to frequenting Hemingway, Breton and Camus? Do not case of tasteless salads, if you are looking for literary ghosts, this is just the place that you are looking for: in the 6th arrondissement, Place St Germain des Pres, number 6. Cafe de Flore located right next to Les Deux Magots, Cafe de Flore shares fame. Specifically, is known by de Beauvoir and Sartre, who lived almost in the dining room on the upper floor, and where often came writers such as Laurence Durrel, Truman Capote and, of course, Hemingway (which seems that it had been everywhere).

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