Biggest Challenge

The situation of the providence of the private sector is critical, but of the public server it is much more, needing radical changes so that it leaves of being the heaviest responsibility for the public finances of Brazil. Evidently, the public officers possess a well different relation of the employees of the private sector such as not to be able to accumulate a job more than or to participate of the capital of some company, however, the disparity, in terms of the values of the revenues of retirement and pension, enters the beneficiaries of the two sectors is very great. Since the promulgation of the Constitution of 1988, they had been approved and promulgated some normal legal ones where they establish lines of direction for the employees of the public sector in retirement terms. Main that they make reference to direct reference the Proper Regimen of Previdncia Social (RPPS) had been Law 9,717/1998, of 1.998, Constitutional Emendation EC 20/1998, of 1.998 and Constitutional Emendation EC 41/2003, of 2.003. Two the first one had established that it would have to be created the RPPS for the employees of the Union, States and Cities, independent of the General Regimen, but with the same counterparts foreseen in this last one.

In 2003, by means of EC 41/2003, it was established that the value of the retirements of the public officers would correspond 80% of the biggest wages, the pensions would be reduced in 30% of the value that exceeded to the ceiling gained for the beneficiaries of the General Regimen and that the readjustments would be in accordance with the inflation. However, so that these changes occurred would be necessary that the beings of the federacy created a system of complementary retirement in the molds that exist in the state-owned companies and many other companies. The great problem is that until the moment no being approved such system.

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