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If the problem persists and does not want to connect to a specific network, tries to force the phone to ignore that network (go to network options select the network name and choose ignore on the next screen). Turn it off then turn it on, and then try to connect again to the network. After purchasing a mobile it is normal to have problems with the Wifi connection, especially if it is the first time that you manage an iPhone, it should not be so expensive equipment, but so is life. Problems with the camera of the Iphone do more likely to have a few restrictions enabled. First press settings > general > restrictions and verifies that the option allow camera is selected. It is necessary that pressure also disable restrictions. If this doesn’t work, turn off and turn on the cell or try to restart it (sleep/wake with home key key). As a last option, performs a backup of your data and then try to reboot your phone in iTunes.

If none of this works, it is possible that there is a problem of internal to the camera. This never ends well, so it’s best to call the Apple support department or bring the IPhone to the nearest Apple store. At Apple are appliances are so high in quality that they offer on some new computers until one year warranty. Warranty PDF as all electronic, if you continue with these headaches by a cell phone, not suffers more, you sell it, become a super seller creative so you can purchase a new one. Because the slogan reads as follows: If you don’t have an iphone, You Just; Don t Have An Iphone Zonzoo ltd. It is the world leader in the recycling of mobile phones, also we offer you the opportunity to sell your cellphone, earn money and help the environment.

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