Any search engine optimization consists of an inner, that is, work on the site pages, and external, which provides a capacity of external links to your site. If the cost of internal optimization for a specific one-time request, the cost of obtaining references often regularly repeated. Links to the site are paid monthly, and their price growing. As a result, if we consider a sufficiently long period of time, the amount of the monthly cost is much more one-off. The use of low-frequency queries can often limit only the internal optimization, significant savings on the purchase links. In the case of high-frequency queries without many links from reputable sites will not do, and it can be very expensive. In addition to general savings strategy of using low-frequency queries can not get in the dependence of the optimizer, which places the external links on the site. Upon the termination of the contract the external links are lost, and the site of high-demand disappears from the search engines.

The internal optimization remains in place, and low-frequency queries from the site remains in the State. This feature can also be attributed to the merits of low-frequency queries. Often, low-frequency queries consist of several words, describing exactly what you are looking at a time when popular requests from a single word can cause a site not those visitors that they need. For example, it is clear that he wants the person that introduces inquiry "repair". If the request is entered the name of a particular brand of car, it is clear that it required repair. Of course, such requests will be much less, but the car service, specializing in the repair of these vehicles, we need just such a customer, not someone who is interested in repairing all. Low-frequency queries to the site attract targeted visitors that are most likely to become clients of the firm, in contrast to the frequent queries, which has attracted a lot of casual visitors.

In this regard, the use of low-frequency queries is even better high. Promotion of low-frequency queries less subject to fluctuations related to the actions of competitors and changes in the algorithms of search engines. Let the flow of visitors to the site will not be so great, but it will be more stable than using the popular commercial requests. Also note that the probability of hitting in the first place in the issuance of high-demand, even after the relevant work is far not one hundred percent, while the fall on the low-frequency queries can be virtually guaranteed.

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