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You would think that New Year's Eve somewhere else far away? Dangerous delusion! Time is rapidly running, and soon, it may not stay at all to think carefully about the ideas of Christmas gifts and stock up on them. November 18 is the point reference when it's time to start New Year troubles. You may ask, why this day? 18 November in Russia officially celebrate birthday of Santa Claus. It is in this day in the Great Ustyug, the birthplace of Santa Claus in their rights come winter. Congratulate the fabulous birthday coming his numerous relatives. This is Santa Claus, which pleases gifts of children and adults in the U.S., Canada, Australia and Western Europe.

And Pear Noel from France, Babo Natale with his companion fairy Befanoy – from Italy. And the New Year the magician – from Finland. And Yul Tomte, and the dwarf Yulnissan – from Sweden. And the "analog" Snow Maiden – Korgyz, and "snow grandfather" Korbobo – from Uzbekistan. But on this variety of "Santa Claus" does not end there! Maybe you live close to relatives and helpers of Santa Claus, who also need to congratulate? Who came last year in Santa Claus costume to congratulate your baby? Who rejoiced at the corporate gifts New Year's party? Is it time to congratulate those who will work all the holidays for us? And, at the same time, and think about the impending holidays, Christmas, New Year costumes, decorations, gifts! Aides to Santa Claus from Great Ustyug each year as a gift he presented with a new suit, decorated with embroidery.

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