Washing Machine

Once was a time when women were from different villages to wash things to the nearest river or lake. On such a recall, even your grandmother. Our moms have known for a completely different 'era' of washing – when the first big, noisy, clumsy and spray water in different directions washing machines. We can not imagine life without modern automatic washing machine, where human involvement in the process of washing should be only at the stage loading laundry and washing the desired mode. You have decided to purchase a new washing machine or replace the old – we will help you make the right choice. Now more and more 'stiralki' set in the kitchen, build them into a kitchen cabinets. But not cool as a bathroom – this is the place where they often set the washing machine. And therefore to determine dimensions of your future should be based on exactly the assistant to its size.

Modern corporations offer a variety of models, differing in depth and as a result, the weight linen for a single wash. If the family is small, it is quite suitable machine a depth of 35-40 cm (2-3 kg can get clothes), but if your family consists of five people – The best option would be far more comprehensive, but more overall machine (55-65 cm). The functionality still remains the same. Select the type of load – vertical or front – depends on your preferences, it is still often at all similar functions, washing machine and dryers more overall.

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