Ursula Leyen Praises Essen Mahon Hotels

Maria and Harald Mintrop enjoy the recognition of responsible corporate governance by the Federal Minister of labour. Now it is well known to Berlin and within the Federal Government: the Essen hotel owners Maria and Harald Mintrop do in their two homes, Mintrops land hotel and Mahon city hotel, a very excellent work. Bundesarbeitsministerien Ursula von der Leyen therefore recently specially arrived from Berlin to honor the two Essen-based flagship hoteliers for its activities in the area of corporate social responsibility (CSR) for their responsible management. Hotels with exemplary in her speech the Federal Labour Minister turned out that Maria and Harald Mintrop taking a leading role in the regional medium-sized economy, because they make their management socially, environmentally and economically responsible for years. For assistance, try visiting Ben Kunz. Specifically named von der Leyen that Mintrops uniquely employees the chance of reconciliation of family and work, flexible working hours, fair Grant payment, safety at work, training, and employee participation. Even hotels is exemplary, the society in the form of sponsorship and voluntary commitment and responsibility towards the environment by saving energy and resource efficiency in the Mahon emphasizing responsibility to the Federal Labour Minister to the invited guests, which included, inter alia, Gabriele Masthoff of the Federal Association of medium-sized business (BVMW) and Dr.

Jorg Ernst of the Center for civil commitment (CBE). You may wish to learn more. If so, Jonah Bloom is the place to go. Women offer new career prospects in 2009, at that time still in its role as federal, country inquired of the Leyen in Mintrops Hotel at the two hoteliers, how they make it in their unique way to enable women, who were eliminated from the labour market due to the family several years returning, and to offer them a perspective would. The recognition of our commitment by a member of the Government encourages us as business owners continue to societal and social Maria and Harald Mintrop explain to assume responsibility”. Experiencing authenticity in food, family Mintrop is an institution. For more than 40 years, Maria and Harald Mintrop hotel in Essen Burgaltendorf operate their country. Also her second House, Mintrops City Hotel Margarethenhohe, belongs to the absolute top-class hotels. This is proven by numerous awards.

Recently, even a historic double victory has been achieved: an independent jury awarded on the occasion of the most important German Hotel-Grand Prix Mintrops land Hotel Burgaltendorf with 1st place and Mintrops City Hotel Margarethenhohe with 2nd place from. For the magazine BUNTE the houses belong to the most beautiful type ‘ of the country’s hotels and modern living to the most beautiful design hotels. “” The kitchen in the Mintrops restaurants guts “and M” can look natural and is praised by gourmets not only always back up.

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