Travels In Edinburgh

Travel Magazine visit welcome to Edinburgh and the Lothians for students and young journalists, the Edinburgh for the first time! Here meet the hustle and bustle of Scotland’s capital city and the tranquility of the stunning scenery. Edinburgh has one of the most beautiful cityscapes in the world, which makes the city an ideal place for travel journalism. Scotland’s most famous Castle is a landmark in the Centre, but there is much more to discover in the city of tradition and modernity. The inhabitants of Edinburgh’s is characterized by special creativity, internationality and closeness to nature. Curso EC carries out travel journalism projects in Edinburgh and Berlin. While their stay writing and laying out a travel guide or a city magazine, the participants improve their foreign language skills and engage in intercultural communication.

The task is the research and writing of English articles for the magazine. Experienced journalists from Edinburgh support the participants in the writing workshops and their whole experience available. In addition, there are project-related business English lessons as part of the workshop. There are the focus: meetings in the UK, presentations, cultural differences and the preparation of interviews. In addition, a professional Proofreaderin correction reads the draft articles. An application for the program in September 2010 with the sending of a letter of motivation is possible until 30 June. Joy on writing, research, curiosity about new knowledge, openness to the Scottish culture and the people of Edinburgh…das are the prerequisites for the successful participation of the travel journalism program. The participants be made fit for the work in the creative industries. Editorial curso EC

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