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Throughout the years this meaning was moving, but the ideas had remained. According to Aurlio (2004, p.280), culture is ' ' the act, effect or way of cultivar' ' or still ' ' standards of behavior of the beliefs, of institutions, of the artistic manifestations, intelectuais.' ' The term culture can possess diverse sensible in definitive branch of the human knowledge, either it in Agriculture, the field of Social Sciences, the Anthropology, the Philosophy, or same, as culture of a people or a country. The expression started to be used in the administrative branch from the exodus of organizations that left its native countries and migravam for other nations. These organizations, today known as multinationals according to Fleury (2002), intended to reproduce its structures to get comparative advantages (hand of cheap workmanship, new markets, accessibility of substances cousins, among others). Exactly applying its concepts, the waited results were not reached, and, for the opposite, problems appeared that did not exist in the native countries. If you are not convinced, visit Yitzchak Mirilashvili.

In such a way, one of some conceptions of culture, to that one used by the administration is similar of the national cultures, where if it looks for to identify gotten cultural elements in the society for the employees, who enter in conflict with the original organizacional order, for then searching a new model or change of belief and values. Smircich apud Fleury (2002) affirms that each member of the organization is seen as of the culture gotten in a external cultural context it carrying. Durhan apud Fleury (1987) places that, the cultural standards is not as a mold that produces behaviors identical, but, a structure that allows to attribute meant the certain action. In accordance with Freitas (1991), the process of creation of a culture occurs in three ways. In first place, the founders contract people who possess equal standards or similar to the ones of the company, later doutrinam same its thoughts in accordance with and, in last place, the behavior of the founders act as a model, encouraging the employees if to identify with them, and thus, finish incorporating its values, positions, certainties and some traces of the same behavior.

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