President Sebastian Pinera

A protest with transit against the intendencia de Aysen Court was the effect that generated the revelation that the journalist and director of press of Radio Bio-Bio, Nibaldo Mosciatti, did Wednesday morning after participating, along with other media executives, in a meeting with President Sebastian Pinera in Coyhaique. In a telephone Office with Tomas Mosciatti, director of radio, professional reported that the President gave for granted approval and construction of dams in Aisen – HidroAysen and energy – Austral, which are still in the process of evaluation. And with respect to hydroelectric dams, and particularly therefore in Aysen hydroelectric dams, large, textually said the question is not whether they are going to do or not, because obviously they are going to do, but how to do. It seems to me that very relevant phrase was the report that Nibaldo Mosciatti made air. Known this information, in the Region of Aysen several organizations autoconvocaron to perform past noon on Thursday a demonstration in front of the regional administration. The place came close to fifty people carrying paintings and slogans as Pinera, understand, Aysen is not sold, among other phrases that questioned the Government and, incidentally, studies of environmental impact of HidroAysen and Austral energy deficiency. For nearly an hour group is wagered instead interrupting periods by transit, which forced police to divert vehicles that passed through the sector at that time. Full audio of the firm of Nibaldo summary with the report on the energy matrix and Hidroayse original author and source of the article.. .

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