Personal Contacts

What is meant by personal contacts do not matter? Listen, you do where did my reader? And as you until the thirty-first chapter with a suspicion got? Oh, by the service supposed to? Well, then relax and listen to the next. " Imagine a hamster with classic-literature named Hamlet, who "all summer long preparing for hibernation – read the German philosophers. Usually reading "Critique of Pure Reason" Kant introduces it in the stuporous state for a period at least three months. And then Kant sent him a new work – "Dirty Critique of madness" – and he now he is studying hard. " In general, the novel "Maskin" perfect for family reading nights and for children's reading. The seemingly "childish" presentation masks serious ideas.

Even if the children will understand and realize these ideas a little later, but the first shoots of the true values will already be incorporated in the souls. For example, communication with Maskina moose "- And you live well? – Asked Maskin it. – Yes, some out there! – Moose antlers waved. – All my life working on a moose and a half rate. – And what, you do not like your job? You seem to fit this exercise, because you seem to excuse me, an elk? – Yes? And the school said that all possibilities are equal. I tuned in and become a butterfly. The entire youth trying to flutter.

Do not get … So the whole life and I perekoverkalas … Hate my job, though the horns take off.

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