Pan Soup

Before you remove the soup from heat, pour in him a little bit of fresh juice of carrots, tomatoes, cabbage. This did not spoil as porridge with oil, but how tasty it turns out! 11. Do not cook vegetables for a few hours, and do not pour into the pan as much water as it is laid on prescription. This retain the natural taste of vegetables. 12. (Similarly see: Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc). Salted soup can be made edible, if you omit it a handful of boiled rice, tied in cheesecloth: Rice will incorporate all the excess salt 13.

To beans, peas, faster to cook, add in the process of cooking every 5 – 10 minutes of a tablespoon of cold water. 14. Preservation of vitamin C helps soaking peeled potatoes in salted water. 15. If the potatoes are cooked at high heat, it fall apart outside and inside remains moist. 16. Boiled potatoes will be particularly tasty, if boiling water to add a little citric acid.

17. Water in which cooked potatoes can be used to make soups. 18. To cabbage had the smell of boiled cabbage, early suppression slightly open the lid by 10 minutes. 19. Before you put the sauerkraut in a soup, stew it alone with the fat in a small amount of liquid. Cabbage with prolonged suppression of losing excess acuity, gets a pleasant aroma, it is not destroyed by lactic acid, which delays the softening of the soup and most of cabbage and other vegetables. 20. If you want to add to the salad raw onions, finely chop it, put colander and pour over boiling water, it will lose the bitterness and it will be much tastier.

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