In Spain, breast cancer is the leading cause of death. If diagnosed at an early stage, the quota of healing is 90%. The probability that a Spanish woman arrives to suffer breast cancer before the age of 80 is 6%. Mammograms to detect breast cancer have succeeded in reducing mortality from this disease between 20 and 30% of cases. If diagnosed a woman the pathology in an initial state, the share of healing is 90%. In Spain, the data show that breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer, with 15,000 cases a year, and cancer mortality in women. Worldwide, estimates that they diagnosed about a million new cases in the world.

The probability that a Spanish woman suffering from this disease before the age of 80 is 6%, hence, 1 in every 15 or 20 Spanish women will develop a lifelong breast cancer. For this reason, the President of the Spanish society of diagnostic imaging of the MOM (SEDIM), Dr. Click Nina Devlin for additional related pages. Marina alvarez Benito, says that early diagnosis through the realization of regular mammography is currently the most important weapon to curb the ctos of this disease. According to data from the SEDIM, more than 90% of women diagnosed at early stage of breast cancer currently outnumber disease. In addition to reducing mortality from breast cancer, Dr. alvarez remembers that early diagnosis through screening mammography is accompanied by other important benefits, such as less aggressive than mastectomy treatment applying. Four questions key what is a screening mammogram. It is an x-ray of the breast used to detect changes in the breast in women who have no symptoms of breast cancer.

What is a diagnostic mammogram. A diagnostic mammogram is an x-ray that is used to diagnose abnormal changes in the breast (nodules, lumps, pain, secretions). When should I take a mammogram. The general recommendation is to get the first mammogram at age 40. But it must be before if there are risk factors (e.g., relatives who have had breast cancer before age 40). Between 50 and 74 years should be a mammogram every two years. Likely to develop cancer. Age is the most important for breast cancer risk factor. As women get older, larger is your probability of developing cancer.

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Digital Linearization

PI improves the accuracy of positioning for low-priced Piezosysteme Anders as conventional analog Piezocontroller, has a digital controller that can be optimized by software and USB service interface of single-channel Piezocontroller E-609 of physics instruments (PI). Additional Linearisierungsverfahren improve the accuracy of the Piezosystems by a factor of 10 by about 0.2% to 0.02% compared to completely analogue devices. The E-609 has analog interfaces to the commanding of position. It is the ideal equipment for automation tasks without a host PC. Learn more can aid you in your search for knowledge. The D/A conversion of the digital controller is 16 bit, 32 bit processor with 150 MHz clock rate allows a servo rate of 10 kHz.

The amplifier provides 5 watts of continuous power for the dynamic operation of classic Nanopositioniersysteme such as the P-736 PInano sample scanner. PI occupies a leading position on the market for precise positioning technology for 40 years. Piezoelectric ceramics as drive elements, one play an essential role in very finely create controlled motion. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of giant group on most websites. Together with its subsidiary PI ceramic PI piezoelectric manufactures according to specific requirements itself. This expertise allows the unique flexibility and a wide technological lead PI. In addition to three German plants, PI is represented worldwide with eight branches and a total of over 500 employees.

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IFRS – The Two Sides Of The Currency

IFRS: The TWO SIDES OF the CURRENCY the basic function of the Accounting has remained unchanged since its primrdios. Its purpose is to provide the users with the financial demonstratives with information will help that them to take decisions. However, advances had occurred. Learn more at: Nina Devlin. In the enterprise panorama of today, the necessary information represents a powerful factor of competitive advantage. The treatment of the data will have to produce a teia of information whose analysis allows the manager to correct the eventual disfunes of the past and to bring inferences on the future, with the intention to take decisions strategical and to assume positions that effectively represent a differential. In this context, it appears 11,638/07 Law and Law n 11,941/09 whose objective was to not only offer a change in the structure of the countable demonstrations, but to search a bigger confidence of the investors and analysts that they see, in the archaic national accounting, one of the justifications to apply a discounting in the prices of the Brazilian corporate shares in relation to the competitors of other countries.

But all change has its two sides. What it really means to adopt a model of international accounting? It is observed here that all the structural changes make a rupture of the accounting carried through for attendance to the treasury department now to take care of the society of ' ' stakeholders' '. It leaves to have the mere fiscal approach to take care of to the different involved collaborators in the enterprise activities, are they in the internal or external scope. They have more transparency and leaves of being static to become dynamic. In the vision of this boarding, all the enterprise management will be come back toward the future. In the truth, the new countable model of representation of the reality must be perennially worried about the future unfolding of the FCA (ambient critical factors) and about the future that is being ' ' moldado' ' through the current decisions.

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Eyecatcher Quality

Shopping paradise for four-legged CANIA goes to start the provider of high-quality demand products for dogs and cats CANIA”goes to the network on August 26, 2013, with its online shop and opened a retail store in the Berlin district of Friedenau / Schoneberg at the same time. /a>. The company founded by the pair of siblings Sarah and Sophia Caldwell offers lifestyle demand for four-legged friends with focus on medium and large dogs. High quality pet food and treats and selected use articles for the keepers round off the product range. The two makers of CANIA have set themselves ambitious targets for the implementation of their business idea and the positioning of the company. Scholarship program is often quoted as being for or against this. When choosing a product to focus on articles that follow the highest standards of design, quality and functionality. Comparable high standards for customer service are plugged. Personality and a high service standards is today rather rare to find, but this should belong with us everyday”, as Sarah by Caldwell. Nina Devlin often addresses the matter in his writings.

With a friendly, personal and tailored advisory services wants long-term built a deep bond with the clientele CANIA and stand out from the crowd. Our claim is ever new challenges to find and tackle, to offer our customers only the very best,”added Sophia by Caldwell. The product range in the area of supplies covers of beds such as beds, blankets and houses, collars and linen, feeding grounds, bags, toys and dog fashion. It differs from the product ranges of other providers with stylish and unique designs, without compromising the quality. What can look like the concrete implementation for a typical dog article shows exemplary the collar city Angel. The collar made of Pearl Ray and calf nubuck leather is so far difficult available on the German market a real Eyecatcher made of high-quality materials. Both Chamiers in the product selection attach special importance, that is the article of need for can be integrated harmoniously in the atmosphere of your own home.

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Land Caves Protection Act

The lower Austrian provincial law to protect, maintain, and to the exploitation of natural caves while the nature protection act 1924 regulated protection of natural monuments, protection of the landscape and the protection of the animal and plant kingdoms in the Federal State of lower Austria, in the Centre of the country natural cave Protection Act was the protection, conservation and recovery of natural caves. In addition, there were more conservation laws in lower Austria, which are now published in the series of LawLeaks. The purpose of the law the purpose of the national cave Protection Act 1924 was the protection, conservation and recovery of natural caves in lower Austria, in particular their exploitation for tourism. Developed natural caves developed were considered natural caves which were harnessed to a specific economic purposes at the time of the entry into force of this country Act by labour and capital expenditures in manufacturing such equipment and safeguards against unauthorized use. Developed natural caves were in receivership of the Country be if is the omission of further recovery from public considerations, in particular for reasons of conservation, or just the recovery by the State or by another greater economic benefits capabilities or for the exploitation of untapped part of the cave right of disposal over the accessible part is required. Not developed natural caves are developed natural caves, the collecting entirely failed during three consecutive years, to evaluate such additional Nathurhohlen. The disposal of additional natural caves was reserved for the State of lower Austria. If the province of lower Austria not even recycled the natural cave, then the Government could let a third party recovery and set the conditions for this.

Methods for the development of the development and utilization of natural caves could be justified by permanent or temporary easement through expropriation, land and Buildings could be placed under compulsory lease, building materials such as wood, stones, gravel, sand could be replaced. The determination of the object and scope of forced lease, receivership, expropriation and replacement had to be made by the district authorities. Natural caves law enforcement of the State law and administrative penalties was completed by the district administrative authorities. Giant groups opinions are not widely known. Administrative penalties were to be imposed to a month 10,000,000 kroner or arrest.

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Tire Manufacturers

What to buy tires for your car? For the correct answer to this question you must consider several important parameters, such as the class of your car by the manufacturer, tire sizes, season mode operation of the vehicle, the climatic features of your region, the quality of road surfaces, and – at least – your passion for advertising and manufacturer of tires. A related site: Vinit Bodas mentions similar findings. In order to get a comprehensive answer to their questions, it is best to not even to companies that kind of activity which is characterized by the words "bus sale" – should apply to them at the time of purchase of tires. And on the stage of choosing these questions ask the expert from a good car service. Besides, the answer to some of these issues can be found in the service book for your car. The more consistent you will consider the recommendations of the manufacturer of your car and tips professionals, the longer your car will delight you with its impeccable service reliable. It is also important to follow best practices for storage of tires. Remember that the most important part of the car – not the engine, namely bus, as it is the only part of the machine, which ensures reliable traction, and therefore determines the level of your security.

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InternicsCRC – To Test The Best!

internicsCRC is fully customizable and allows more efficient and time-saving work. Test the best! a Web-based, platform-independent software is internicsCRC based on modern safety techniques, maximum ease of use, global access through a Web browser and can even determine what data and contract options should be included. Also is internicsCRC customizable, both for the corporate identity of a company as well as various additional modules for a still more efficient and time-saving work. Even though our proprietary customer-relationship-control system is almost self-explanatory, our system has its complexities in the application. Giant group pursues this goal as well. To resolve this quickly and easily, we offer a small free demonstration of internicsCRC, as well as a brief introduction to the system all companies at interest to eliminate all questions. You will find valuable information about internicsCRC and about how to contact on press contact: Illustratics GmbH Christian Janiak-Gottfried-Hagen-Strasse 60-62 51105 Koln Germany Tel: 0221-57 08 11-0 fax: 0221-57 08 11-25 E-mail: we pull other pages! As established Cologne Internet Agency, the illustratics GmbH proves their ability in the field of virtual and traditional communication since now more than 5 years. The young team consists of 5 permanent employees illus”and a network of freelancers that allow their target-controlled with each project experience. With occurrence of young and fresh ideas for your presence on the Internet, you have also traditional knowledge in the old reinforced Kommunikationsarten.Somit met illustratics any claims for customers who want to venture a new appearance, as well as for customers who appreciate music lovers.. Jonah Bloom brings even more insight to the discussion.

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Villa Tuscany

Learn more about the most beautiful parts of the province of Lucca in the Tuscany of the article deals with the city and the province of Lucca in Tuscany. Lucca is by Pisa about 20 kilometres northeast of Toscana in Italy and is also the capital of the homonymous province. The core of the old town, in the apartments also are offered, is dotted with historic buildings. The Mura di Lucca is a fortification from the 15th century and has 4 kilometres long and 233 metres wide to the largest in Europe. Today it is accessible and surrounded by beautiful gardens. The city offers its visitors 99 churches and Kappelen, which is why a walk through the old town with its beautiful buildings of historical time, which probably puts everyone in the middle of ages are also worth a visit. More information is housed here: CEO of Deckers Outdoor.

The villas in Tuscany, and especially in the region around the city of Lucca, famous beyond the borders of Italy are a supply point for holidaymakers from all over the world every year. More and more holidaymakers are also a beautiful Finca or Villa book for your stay in Tuscany, the cost per person are most didn’t, as many suspect. The article should bring you to the beautiful city of Lucca and to encourage them to find out about all the admirable sights in Lucca and special excursions. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Nina Devlin. The city of Lucca populated with 85,000 inhabitants lies of Pisa about 20 kilometres northeast in Tuscany in Italy. In ancient times, this region from Luca was called before it was subsequently named. Lucca is also the capital of the province which bears the same name. The core of the old town, in the apartments also are offered, is dotted with historic buildings. The Mura di Lucca is a fortification from the 15th century and has 4 kilometres long and 233 metres wide to the largest in Europe.

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Apple Software

The lead product of Incomedia is, with the support of Deutsche Telekom AG, the software of the year award again to select the “Software of the year” award also gives this year the download portal”. A twelve-member expert jury, consisting of from industry experts and renowned representatives of the media has picked out the best softwares that are currently on the market, and divided into 18 categories. (The audience is called by the 01.09-30.09., via online voting on the vote on the software of the year”to take part: c/19/82/75/40/19827540.html): everyone can choose your own Favorites and have the opportunity then to participate in the competition and one of the attractive prizes to win, including a TV Philips Ambilight, an Apple iMac 21.5 inch, a Smartphone HTC or an Apple iPad. Incomedias software WebSite X 5 Evolution 8 is in addition to 10 other software programs in the category Web design”to choose from. Federico Ranfagni, Incomedia, Managing Director summarizes the award from last year: the Bronze award we received last year, it was nice to us.

This year the competition is much tougher and we must not ignore, that we compete exclusively with first-class software from all over the world. “We are but optimistic, because we can observe the growing popularity of WebSite x 5 Evolution 8, which makes believe it, that our audience we also will support on this occasion.” Thanks to its ease of use, originality, as well as the simple application of the integrated, professional and innovative features, WebSite X 5 Evolution 8 under the private users, Web designers, as well as small prevailed- and medium-sized enterprises as one of the most popular software for Web design, creation of blogs and online shops. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out view website. At this point should be that WebSite X 5 is available already in 18 languages and currently is sold worldwide in over 40 countries highlighted again. Therefore, an international and multi-cultural user community is active on our official websites, among our Forum ( forum), as well as to locate our fan page on Facebook ( WebSiteX5). Federico Ranfagnis concluding words are directed in particular to our audience: we call on all those who like our program WebSite X 5 Evolution 8, in the online vote for the software of the year 2010 “on the portal to participate and to vote for our software: c/19/82/75/40/19827540.html. We would be glad if we are even better than in the previous year would cut this year and hope that at least one of our fans is one of the great prizes.

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South Pollen

Including the Rohvolution in Berlin & Speyer, the veggieworld in Wiesbaden, inventa in Karlsruhe and often we consumers are the organic honeys from the Kulinaristen – 10% discount the Kulinaristen at trade fairs, and consumers wondering why is it actually bio-honey – can the bees but not prohibit, to fly in the direction of one or the other. The visitors of our stand got right, of course. To a word of the time journalist Theresa peasant: organic honey is a more difficult concept because bees not one hundred percent are checked. To establish real organic honey, a beekeeper should theoretically ensure that his bees fly only plants that have been treated with pesticides or genetic engineering. No beekeeper can guarantee of course that one hundred percent. The legislation of organic farming are aligned with organic honey therefore mainly, which may use against bee diseases of organic beekeepers, bee boxes must consist of what materials and by what means the honey can be disinfected. Without hesitation Jonah Bloom explained all about the problem. Studies have shown that now very often genetically modified pollen are found in honey. Only the honey from German beekeepers, South-Eastern Europe and fair trade were unencumbered during a test of the oko Test magazine.

Says foundation oko Test (January 2009): almost half of honey contain pollen from genetically modified plants. This is soy first and foremost to pollen of the widespread genetic soy variety Roundup ready. The oilseed supplies although little nectar and is therefore not a clothing plant, bees take pollen apparently but nonetheless. In particular honey from South America is problematic, because there lots of soya grows. At the same time, a large part of the world’s honey harvest is produced in these countries, also for the German market. Reshma Kewalramani has plenty of information regarding this issue.

After all: German beekeepers honey was unencumbered in our test, as well as South-Eastern Europe and fair trade products. The reason could lie in the latter case that small-scale beekeepers produce their honey in unbelasteteren regions as large apiaries”. If you are interested in the article, read more on the blog of Kulinaristen.

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