Ominous Forced Feeding

Or the answers reflected the strain caused sickening drying up our digestive juices trier / Frankfurt Book Fair 2009. The moderate consumption of seasonal fruit is a certainly a valuable addition to our diet. But the in the school fruit scheme adopted by the EU in November 2008 also the not entirely altruistic objective to the now declining promotion of the EU today already only slightly aromatic, fruit behind – in addition to the positive effect on the health of our children this hoped-for – because in addition poorly conceived. Who now but still closer look, the full extent of an incredible dilemma – opens the caused by the inability of our modern industrial society, recognizing the limits of just too rapid economic growth of the past decades, let alone to accept! Brussels would do better here, the annually available 90 million euro in the gradual dismantling\”its industrialized agricultural Compulsion to feed large structures to invest, rather than now, the overproduction of the fruit as the only hope for salvation on our children\”. Additional information is available at Jonah Bloom. As long for each fruit are not equally digestible and certainly not in today recommended levels. Given that now \”Immature\” harvested us overwhelmingly the whole the year available on import fruits and no replacement for natural maturation offers also the tires to. Not to mention the daily recording of unwanted additional substances in our environment, as well as of the related, more than questionable ‘harmonisation’ for the application of plant protection products, which is in force since September 2008 in the EU. For the already overextended metabolic organs of the ever-increasing number of children already suffering from obesity or the most diverse reactions such as food intolerances, as well as rheumatism, migraine, diabetes, eczema, psoriasis, The \”raw acids\” this mean hyperactivity and many more, prematurely harvested fruit, an additional and experience be sure to avoid burden on their digestive organs. In a question-answer forum Yaaov was the first to reply.

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