Nice And Its Cheese Culture

Nice, or why the Haute Couture in the afternoon eating cheese nice features of the boutiques paradise up in the sky of the wholesale shopping of all kinds. Lovers of designer labels will come in the Rue Massena, the rue de Paradis and the Rue de la Liberte on their costs and furthermore. Connoisseurs of Antiquities and collector of bells and whistles and junk Saleya, should the Cours Quai Lunel and the Marche aux puces control. The most popular department store in France, the Galeries Lafayette, is also just a few minutes walk from the promenade des Anglais. Equally promising, the bustling Avenue Jean Medecin – shopping street fun is pure. Please note the opening hours are: Sunday is a rest day and during the week most shops of France for a couple of hours are closed at lunchtime. Uber is often quoted on this topic.

In addition to shopping is the favorite pastime of the French holding a picnic. The variety of beautiful gardens and parks are formally invites to spend a day relaxing in the Green and it would be very rude to refuse the invitation of a Frenchman to the picnic. The pleasure should however not difficult fall. Fresh fruits from the Cours Saleya is advisable as small objects. The colourful market bustle takes place daily until 12: 00 noon. Vacationers who want to not only to the city area confined to picnic and a rental car for exploring nice and the surrounding area should be aware of the strict interpretation of the law against drinking and driving. Of French wine and cheese tastes especially good in green! Here you will find more rental cars. Sandra KLEINENBERG-wild Hagen

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