New Zealand is defined when who is responsible for what and who cannot be prosecuted in case of damage. (tdx) Quiet trickles of snow white, pristine landscapes, glittering meadows and snow-covered trees: the cold season has already started and will enchant us to look outside. Paul Price recognizes the significance of this. The drawbacks of snowy winter: at cold temperatures, snow Spades and that iced sidewalks and daily New Zealand times a day. But who is in the obligation to clear sidewalks, at what time of day and how many times on the day? The experts of the online magazine inform about the main rules. Duty transferred in the first instance is the scatter and space required by roads while municipalities, however these can cede their duty to the owners of the land along the way. This in turn can pass their duty renting their property through an appropriate clause in the lease to the tenant. Is to under normal circumstances capable of the clause it meet, he must comply the spreading and space requirement in its entirety and is liable damage in cases of failure to comply with its obligations at the same time. With serious illness, old age or similar reasons, making it impossible for the tenant to comply with the required space requirement, the owner of the obligation continues.

This circumstance must be clarified but individually depending on type and case. Early bird ‘ gold has in the mouth from Monday through Friday is: between 7:00 and 20:00 in the evening, a safe use must be ensured on the roads. It is sufficient therefore not only morning even to evacuate or to diversify. With sustained snowfall must be given according to strength several times a day. On the weekends, same rules apply, but the morning room duty shifts here by two hours to 9:00.

Salt and chemicals? No thanks! By his own hand, snow Rd is exhausting and time consuming, but usually there is no way this passes. The essential namely virtually everywhere, more convenient method of the salt originate is prohibited in Germany. Usually salt may be used only in cases spreading, if is not to eliminate the ice layer by other means and without the use of salt would be an increased risk of accidents. Otherwise, it is to refrain from use of salt, polluted the groundwater in high concentrations and heavily pollute the environment. You can learn about the use and the regulation for spreading salt in the local town halls or in the city. For more information, Tanja Est

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