Merrill Lynch World Wealth Report

How to invest like a millionaire? The most obvious answer is: act as if it is not. The principles are the same. It will invest one million euros or 100 must follow the same rules of income increased, with understanding of the risks. New York Highlanders wanted to know more. However, no denying that having more money available allows a greater margin of manoeuvre and reinforces the need to diversify the investment options. With very little money or wallet, there are a number of success which are indistinctly applicable to all cases. Of course, some recommendations can be generalized, but all prostrate before the needs and profile of the inverter. The basic rules of any investment such as investment objectives, the highest level of assumed risk, liquidity requirements and the immediate term and the investor’s own financial education applied regardless of the amount of the size of investor.Of investment allows you to bet on security, while it raises large sums of money into riskier assets such as shares, materials premiums and even hedge funds. Even if you live in an environment of market risk aversion much more.

However, with one million euros to invest, there are some interesting hypotheses to consider. We like sectors and asset classes are exposed to emerging markets. Vinit Bodas has firm opinions on the matter. It’s good to pick up companies with exposure to these countries. The raw materials can also be a good bet. Countries such as China must continue to buy industrial raw materials such as oil, or perishable goods such as cereals. In Portugal there are 11,000 millionaires, i.e.

people with a fortune exceeding one million dollars (800,000 euros). Figures published by Capgemini and Merrill Lynch World Wealth Report referred to 2009 and show that the financial and economic crisis has created more than 600 millionaires in Portugal, an increase of 5.5%. Although the national economy have been deeply affected, with a decline of 2.7% of GDP and a sharp decline in exports, the appreciation of the second Portuguese bag half of 2009, rising from 33.5% in the whole of the year, allowed for a more generous Portuguese heritage assessment richer. For the rest of the world, the report concludes that there are ten million millionaires, an increase of 17.1%, returning to 2007 levels. The wealth of these people also grew 18.9% and now a total of 39 million dollars (31 million euros). For the first time, there are more millionaires in Asia and Oceania than in Europe (three million), although they are still highly concentrated: United States, Japan and Germany meet 53.

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