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Independence is capitalized at the service provider and special sales, banks capital AG Wiesloch, 15.02.2012. A dependency of issuers Manfred can not imagine banks. This reason alone were the last two years”no walk. But banks capital has adapted to set and product side on the current situation. We need innovative, entrepreneurial products that also have a good quality and exactly who we found and successfully”, as the company’s founder. “New challenges are: the offer world has changed and will continue to do it”, as banks. He is so restless. Overall, the Wieslocher company could increase its Commission revenues in 2011 to 30 percent and achieve a six-year positive.

Just the exclusive distribution of the Fund of Canada gold trust brought in a real boost. This trend continues with an increase of 80 percent in the first six weeks of this year. Currently are – apart from the funds of Canada gold series – more Discussions to include funds in the exclusive distribution. For many participants, it is a proof of quality, to be recorded in the sales of banks capital. And manage many market participants from the distribution set on the other side to the for decades proven performance of this service provider and special sales.

Banks capital has set very early milestones in the German fund business. The absorption of the funds in the distribution is carried out exclusively on the basis of a process of plausibility, which expired against externally was checked by an auditor. Banks capital provides the intermediary with regard to the product selection of exemption from liability, reinsured by reputable insurance companies. An externally documented performance record does not only provide for guarantees to have an experienced partner, with banks capital but is also confirmation of the high hit rate of the Wieslocher company in investment recommendations. We think that in the next two or three years the market again for the benefit of the “Closed-end funds develop will, for which asset class provides the appropriate transparency when at the same time above-average market returns otherwise”, as Manfred banks.

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