Laziness World

That's a false sense of presence, the responsibility for their lives and leads to the fact that you are always living in their own unfulfilled dreams of those plus the hatred towards people of realized. Where is the exit? A way out there, in the womb, Leni, where we rested peacefully. To blame only our laziness – no more, no less! Too lazy to want to know what is the world as a whole, with all its advantages and imperfections, with all his mother, and the market business. But in order to see the world holistically – it is necessary to work on themselves – must know yourself. Or, again Laziness? Sitting on the beach, you will not learn to swim. Do not get busy, do not know I was capable of. Make yourself rid of the familiar and cozy duvets on a day for an hour, even for five minutes. So, another piece yourself free from laziness, you're acting, you're live! Until you start winning too lazy every day in small ways, in all its displays – do not even think of any well off, forget about any of spirituality and of any wealth. (A small digression) … Some may now argue: "But I do not the material side of the wave-y-o, I want to engage in pure spirituality! Well, fool! This is the main reaction lazy person who is engaged in self-deception! Your compassion, your cries – I do not want the world was war to the world was poverty, I want a world in which there was no violence and terror! " – Does not cost anything! Even a million people like you, loudly yelling sostradaltsev, put on one side of the fence or on one scale – the good of it will not.

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