Justice Of Heart, That Which Is ???

JUSTICE OF HEART, WHAT IS THAT? It is clear that the Colombian justice system does not know where it goes because if not explain how a decision reportedly set to finish law by taking votes. For the people, or most Colombians believe we have some common sense (although common sense is not as common as it should be), be understood simply, a “High Court” should leave no doubt for its decisions and things, just about any event in question, would be adjusted to the law or not, but how well they are multiple interpretations of the law and then in the absence of strictly technical arguments, one has to resort to voting (“the heart, or to their own convenience”): This definitely leaves the impression that decisions are not made from the arguments, but end up accepting or condemning an action by smell or worse, to convenience, the Congress style. That it is?. That lack of clarity in our laws or worse yet, that inadequacy of our administration of justice! So we would be in the hands of congressmen and convincing before a strictly technical arguments and irrefutable, that sounds like a lack of clarity on the principles of law or a bureaucracy that lacks the knowledge needed to wield a doctrine that would avoid diaphanous interpretations. Bottom line: Either the law is not clear or our judges are not sufficiently learned in the art to understand and as all-powerful, are being felt with its rulings, even though !!!!. This leaves a bad taste and very serious indeed because it sounds like “failures rigged” or not?

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