I am a journalist, I have 43 years and a prominent belly, the result of my years of inactivity, gin and tonics used as a Lexatin to combat the stress of the article at the last minute and hours in front of a computer looking for an inspiring light. In my college years and early thirties was handsome, attractive, my body still retained some traces of a discipline that sought to be a Michael Jordan, a Maradona … but who remained in the provincial semi-finalists. This along with my way with words, writing and creativity worthy of the most stark reality I became a conqueror and a champion of the largest showrooms in the capital night. My unbearable winning character can not hold me decrepit, incapable of pheromone production in the opposite sex, sedentary, lethargic … but am trapped in my sleep and after one of those incredible ads from Chef Tony, I saw a story about something called cavitation , which identified with the naval engineer, but they associated with liposuction without surgery. My fear of simple tooth extraction had prevented me even consider the possibility of a fat intake and that interested me, perhaps was the first step to return to being an aspiring Adonis? Google quickly inserted in the center depicting the story, Laser Natura Chueca and appeared large dose of information on reducing the perimeter. I read, I thought, and fell asleep.

Days after walking down Gran Via when observing my pitiful self-chastising abdominal lump and decided to meet, learn more. I went deeper into the district of Chueca and my decline was increasing resort to see bodies of photoshop, devoid of lipids, which looked tanned and haughty necks adipose destroyed follicles on their shirts. I went into the enclosure that looked like a continuous journey of visitors eager lourdianos miracles like mine. It was my turn and I found voices welcoming, warm and solvents on the subject that I detailed the script for a new invention of science that allows strengthen your ego. Lying on a stretcher and teaching my convexities advised me to treat my psychological and physical welfare. So, there I was, in Cavite, week after week with Prussian discipline, aided by the friendly staff made me short, relaxing, but what about results? fortunately I expected, thanks to which I warned would not be Brad Pitt. I lost 5 cm in eight sessions, I felt less bloated, less than a pants size, the better, I had strengthened my … Last week I went to a famous club and I felt I had the ability, potential, again, not that my age and ready to use. I have to continue, further strengthening every week vibrare in one of those platforms that announce after my friend, the magic knife, and again I put one of those space suits that inflate and deflate your smiles watching magic. The journalist cavitated.

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