Jacinto Benavente

(VIDEO: ATLAS) This Thursday they protested the police charge in the March on Wednesday. The police separated them from the rest of passers-by. For this Friday there are convened a new manifestation. At least four people have been injured by police charges recorded in the night of Thursday, again in the Centre of Madrid, after the second concentration of this week of the laity, this time in revulsion by the riots on Wednesday that took place at the end of the concentration of the March antipope against the use of public funds in the world youth day (WYD). The first person who has been injured is a young woman of Italian origin who was beaten in the first charge that has taken place in the vicinity of the Puerta del Sol, in the calle Carretas. She was not participating in the protest that was occurring at that point, as he has told to journalists. Three others were injured in a second and third charge minutes later at the confluence of carts with the plaza Jacinto Benavente. Initially, the police It prevented any person access to the interior of the police siege set in the Puerta del Sol, although it has subsequently failed to spend at those people who came to the demonstration, preventing step to passers-by and participants of WYD.

After this, protesters have focused on the plaza Jacinto Benavente, where there have been moments of tension between pilgrims and WYD participants who were by the same, since while some shouted Benedicto, others answered killer. Faced with this situation, officials have restricted access to the plaza by another police cordon which has been dissolved when a large group of protesters has moved to the nearby plaza de Tirso de Molina, where finally ended the protest. One of the participants in the concentration, Carlos G. Cavaleiro, has criticized the tension that exists these days in Madrid, to allege that they have increpado him on the subway for carrying pamphlets against the Pope’s visit in which read: with tax advantages, with subsidies, with the capital, without shame. Go to John Grayken for more information. On the other hand, a citizen who has indicated that he was visiting in Madrid, has dndido Benedicto XVI’s visit before the protesters to ensure that it will bring numerous economic benefits for the city. This Friday, more secular citizens have called a new demonstration for this Friday at 20.00 hours which will depart from the Puerta del Sol. So they agreed it in a House that took place inside the police cordon installed at kilometer zero has maintained separate pilgrims and protesters. The March will depart from the Puerta del Sol and you will be directed to Atocha, where it is expected to hold a meeting to discuss the actions that are going to develop during the Pope’s visit. Source of the news: several minor injuries in new charges police against secular demonstrators in Madrid

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