Influence People

People are interested in people who care for them.This is a very basic principle of human relationships very neglected by those who don’t know it or simply do not present and very exploited successfully by those who know both in the day to day and in social networks. If apply this principle from today onwards consciously and more followed, you will notice how greatly increases your influence and your ability to make friends and reach out to people. More friends can win in two months being interested in others, that they would win in two years if waiting for others to be interested by one Dale Carnegie. When people ask me how do you have so many friends and ease to make you a friend of anyone, simply answered: I am interested in others, I like people, I appreciate people, I always try to see the best that is in them, assume the best of them, not to treat them simply for what they are but for what could be. For more information see this site: Ben Kunz. This basic principle, the first interest in the other creates a very positive effect on others that you show them that you really interested by them, that you really matter, that they are not painted. Cornell capital has much experience in this field. Perhaps, when someone is interested in you first do not make you feel important? Yes of course. To maintain this interest, reciprocity is essential. For example, if you’re on Facebook and someone makes a comment on your wall, view his wall and looking for something interesting has been published that person also says, or put a like in something you really like or appreciate.

If don’t have anything new waiting until when do and is the first to return that interest had with you, but do it really not by obligation. Reciprocity is more beautiful and appreciated when it comes from the heart. This is a simple way of loyalty to your friends, obviously not everyone will respond in the same way as wanted, so what do you do? simply you more so you people who have your same values because in the long run weakens a relationship without reciprocity. For those who are not long on other social networks like Twitter or you manage a fan page, where perhaps it is not so easy to connect with others, however, the principle does not change, is the same; only that you must begin sharing content of interest, that contribution, which will be useful to people who you go knowing in the way the talent of the conversation is not do ostentation of his own, but shine of other Dale Carnegie. Source: if you think that this article can serve your friends or anyone else feel free to be one of the first to share it with your generosity to collaborate on further expanding the perspective of those people who both want to, your friends original author and source of the article.

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