Independent Communities

For a long time the tourist people in charge of different Independent Communities and Spanish City councils, especially from Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and Valencian Community, come indicating desire and the necessity to replace the call " tourism low cost" or " tourism basura" by a tourism of greater quality, conscious that, with time, first it would finish by auyentar to the second, something that seems to be already happening this year when knowing itself that the tourism in the Spanish Mediterranean coasts has yielded in favor of other until now less popular Mediterranean destinies for the rest of European. It is certain that Spain is the destiny preferred for 25% of the European, but, as we indicated, is not less certain that they prefer to enjoy calm and relaxed vacations, often in family, it begins to choose calmer, remote destinies of crowded Spanish Mediterranean beaches and, which is more important, moved away of the amassed ones and often disagreeable coastal nights, nights of drunkennesses, uproars and argument in that British and Germans the major of the times take total possession and seoro from bars, breweries and restaurants on foot of beach preventing that somebody journeys by the marine strolls with total security by its physical integrity. And he is that he already begins to be really disagreeable to choose certain tourist destinies in the coasts Spanish levantinas: amassed beaches, amassed chiringuitos, amassed nights, amassed hotels and, by all means, tumultuarias fights that are appointment forced to the doors of any at night Mediterranean bar. It is enough with taking a walk by that night to include/understand and to verify of first hand which we indicated. Benidorm, Salou, Ibiza or Palma de Mallorca, are some of the destinies in which the indicated thing is more obvious: not to be able to take a walk at night by the beach calmly because you can be found any thing; not to be able to leave to take a beer by fear to leave trasquilado; not to be able to go to the beach to mid-morning because no longer you find site where to stretch the towel; whole nights without sleeping because the hotel is won by one pack of drunkards who spend the night singing, shouting, striking the walls, fighting themselves, crossing the corridors of the hotel and, now, practicing " balconing" , a practice this last one that has come to overwhelm the glass with the permissible thing and that, of course, does not help in anything to the tourist sector in the times that run.

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