Heating Advice Costs

Causes of increased energy consumption in winter for weeks has the winter Germany fully into the handle and provides for snow-covered landscapes. You may find Paul Price to be a useful source of information. The falling temperatures cause but also unpleasant surprises, for example when receiving the service charge settlement. Current heating systems, but a poor thermal insulation are cause often not only at full speed. The real estate portal advises to the check of the energetic State of the building by a heating expert opinion. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with martin toha. The heating advice is all those great help, who want to learn more information about the energy consumption in the winter, the heating costs and own heating behavior. Also, the tenant or owner gets helpful tips on energy conservation (www.myimmo.de/ guides/Encyclopaedia/energy saving).

So the heating opinion represents clearly, how for example, meaningful rules of the thermostat or the sealing of the window provide a considerably greater energy efficiency. In addition to remarks on unused savings potential the analysis contains an additional Information letter for the landlord with various funding notes to construction projects that increase energy efficiency and appropriate contact persons in the region. Stefanie Jank, project manager of the heating level campaign, explained that in the long term only upgrades of the houses contribute to reduced energy consumption. Every fourth users have already reacted according to the expert with a thermal modernization measures on rising heating costs. In addition almost three quarters of the tenant forward information writing to their landlord. The frigid temperatures led to an increase of in energy consumption by about 15 percent, stated Jank. The value lies in poorly insulated buildings even higher. For a 70-square meter apartment tenants, this means a cost increase of 15 to 20 euros per winter. More information: news.myimmo.

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