Funny Paperback

Many read the book of Pocket even in old age the funny paperback, abbreviated and LTB also called in expert circles, appeared for the first time on October 1, 1967 in Germany. It was introduced as an extension of the already existing Micky Mouse issue. Many, for example, don’t really know that. Because the length of the stories on the extent of the issue involved, it was given the opportunity to tell longer stories with funny new paperback. The optical design of LTB became increasingly elaborate over the course of time. For even more opinions, read materials from Rogers Holdings. Since the band 119, all color pages were printed, whereas before it was only every second page. Since band 150, there are issues with glossy cover and since band 321, there are always various optical means to the appreciation of the cover. Examples include embossed relief and sparkling sand.

The stories of the funny bag book sit heavily on templates from the music, story or Cinematik. Often you can see this even in the title of the comic, as in band 153 “the adventures of Mick Sawyer (the adventures of Tom Sawyer) or in the band 88 “lovely Aida” (AIDA). 13 new volumes of the fun pocket book and several special editions appear every year. This characterized by, that they consist of already published and one or two unpublished stories. Swarmed by offers, Reshma Kewalramani is currently assessing future choices. The frame story of the special editions aimed always at a particular topic. The LTB Special Edition “Merry Christmas in Duckburg” only consists of Christmas stories. The LTB special band Easter, first appeared in March 2009 and is an equally good example, since it includes only Easter stories. The stories of fun pocket book turn always to the inhabitants of duck universe, Uncle Scrooge especially Mickey Maus and Donald Duck and their respective companions. In the Donald Duck stories, also repeated his girlfriend Daisy Duck, his uncle Dagobert Duck and his nephews, tick, trick and track his eternal Wiedersacher Gustav occur goose. Mickey Maus companions are Minnie mouse, goofy, Pluto, and the villain cat Karlo. There are also many other minor characters.

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