Fleet Management

Mobility at the pulse of time: the next generation of fleet management V-tron offers entrepreneurs sharing / flexibility of business models. Ahrensburg near Hamburg, 31.05.2013. V-tron, is a TOP LIST provider of telematics. Many companies have a huge capital, which is often not effectively used a large car park. Vehicles are moved only slightly, the Administration is cumbersome, time-consuming and expensive. The increased costs can be explained mostly tens through to long downtime, but also by the inefficiency of the load.

The V-tron GmbH enables companies to convert their fleets to car-sharing. In this way, vehicles can be used optimally without much effort. In addition, CarSharing is environmentally friendly, also reduces the maintenance of the vehicles with some extras and promotes conscious driving behaviour as well as the safety on the road. CarSharing services can want cars their employees either through municipal service providers or companies, to provide, offered are enterprise CarShare uses the same concept for its employees. Possibilities in the use of CarSharing service providers in major cities offer a number of cars in reserved parking spaces, distributed in certain areas. Customers, when they want to and as long as there is one available, rent a car.

It can be rented up to a few days for a few hours or for periods of time. The vehicle can be reserved in advance for example on the site or a service call plenty of booking options or direct rent are possible in consultation. To end the sharing, the customer drive the car to the reserved parking spaces and complete the rental. Over V-tron V-tron develops and markets software and related hardware in the field of telematics. Her topics include fleet management, driver behaviour and car-sharing. Use the track & trace technology allows V-tron companies insight in important information regarding use, fuel consumption, and the localization of vehicles or equipment. V-tron promotes cost-reducing and eco-safe driving behavior reflected solutions. TELEMATIK-Markt.de/TELEMATIK/mobilit%C3%A4t-am-Puls-der-Zeit-die-n%C3%A4chste-generation-des-fleet-managements

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