Feedback – is primarily an explosion of emotions, one-sided view of things. Can I trust him? Of course not, but listen – your right. Agree, rave reviews all pleasant, but not everyone knows that their share comes from the fictional Character How to recognize them? There are methods. Dara Khosrowshahi often expresses his thoughts on the topic. All reviews are written 'request', are usually somewhat promotional character: 'Oh, what sort of rolls – the hit of the season! " Unconsciously, people use phrases with the advertised slogan or content from the site of 'customer'. Very rarely do people write reviews of life. Learn more about this with Vinit Bodas.

I trust the 'advertising' from my friends or odnoforumchan, that is, from those whom I have personally, or on the network know. With deferambami we understand. That there is a bad or negative feedback? It is no secret that the purpose of advertising may be running a series of good reviews, and anti-advertisement – bad. Bad reviews, too, are divided into sincere or custom. Because human psychology is arranged so that it quicker to believe bad than good, then one negative feedback works ten times stronger than ten good ones. We share a good rare, but bad 'shakes' at each corner. Negativity can be infected.

Alas, he awakens in people the most bad. And many of those used for their dirty purposes. So how do we, the readers learn to read between the lines? It's very simple. First, you must immediately weed out the emotions. Read the facts and think a little. If the writer is confused in his narrative, contradicts himself, wishful thinking, simply stretching the truth (of course, he is emotional and disjointed, and the emotion we have rejected), it is very likely that the situation is not as straightforward as it it presents. Remember that we are led by the nose above all our emotions. They do not give us a true view of things. So how do you still perceive the 'guest', but no way. 'Strangers' about it already commented, should not be taken seriously, 'sincere', they should listen. But again, remember that feedback to feedback and that he goes from one side (in this case would be nice to hear the other party ). And the fact that one likes can absolutely not be interested in. another. The fact that angered one else will care. We are all different character (sanguine, choleric and it's not the label, nature intended), and education, and therefore respond to all different ways. For trading services organizations' candid feedback "- a guide to action: if they are good – encourage employees if pohie – take on their upbringing. For readers – an occasion to reflect, to listen, to err. Remember: Aliens rake always such a huge and attacking whenever we are on their own Always yours, copyright.

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