Effective Use

Improving the use of fixed assets physical capital is not only an important reserve for increasing production, but also an indicator of its effectiveness. Comparison of planned output and annual production capacity to determine the planned figure (ratio) of the power company. The ratio of the actual volume of output power to characterize the extent of its use. The difference between production capacity and actual production output indicates the presence of reserves for further growth in output. In a market economy for rapid response to changes in the consumer market businesses need to have backup power, defined as the difference between production capacity and output under the plan in accordance with signed contracts, ie, by entering into contracts with suppliers, the company must keep a certain reserve capacity.

His presence will allow the company to quickly rebuild within a year production of the desired type of product market. For a more complete description of the production capacity these indicators are complemented by a system of indicators describing different aspects of the production equipment. Coefficient characterizes the work of the extensiveness of tools over time. It is defined as the ratio of time actually spent equipment, at the time of its possible operation. Intensity factor reflects the use of tools in a unit of work time. The intensity of individual types of equipment determined by the ratio of actual performance, to Passport (planned) its value. Product of the coefficients extent and intensity is a measure of the integral use of the equipment.

Use of equipment at enterprises with a discontinuous production process is estimated the shift of the equipment, but with a continuous production process – load factor units, machinery, installations. Synthesis value indicator use of fixed assets is the return on assets figure. It is computed by dividing the volume of products to the average annual value of fixed assets. Index, the inverse return on assets is capital intensity of production. It shows the value of fixed assets per one ruble of output. Mechanical (mechanical engineering) describes the output return for 1 p. active part of fixed assets (machines, equipment). To determine the level of production area (in the assembly halls of engineering companies in furniture manufacturing) are calculated eat products with I m2 production area as the ratio of output to the size of the manufacturing area. Analysis of these indicators, a comparison of planned and actual values, comparing them with those of leading enterprises in the industry makes it possible to uncover untapped reserves within the firm to increase output.

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