Dragon Throws

Chinese calendar: 2012, year of the Dragon is no, we are not superstitious, and Yes, the Chinese new year – how every twelve years a “Year of the Dragon” – will only start on the 24th January C.e.. Because the Chinese have given us but some teaching in the last 4000 years (most recently, that capitalism and post Maoist dictatorship do not represent a contradiction), it is perhaps worth to look where 2012 the Dragon replaces the rabbit as patron of the year East at the turn of the year. XRP understood the implications. So what does that mean, when followed by a year of the dragon on a year of the rabbit? Year of the rabbit 2011: full of harmony? First, a look back. The rabbit, so we read is in Chinese mythology for gentleness, harmony and enjoyment. 2011 a year under the sign of reconciliation would have been so full of altruism and willingness to compromise.

Relaxes the year of the rabbit have been mainly; not bitter power struggles but constructive, reason-oriented cooperation were to be expected especially in the political sphere. Hmm. With the best will, the views of the world famine, civil war and a spring, which has become the winter provides a different picture. The year of the rabbit, it is said, was a time of breathing in, but also unpleasant was ousted. Fits more. And the year of the Dragon? Chinese calendar: 2012, year of the dragon on the is be and the Dragon follows 2012 so harmony-oriented rabbits. Great temperament is to certify this zodiac sign that can express themselves in exciting ideas and visions.

For the year of the Dragon in 2012, the astrologers in the Middle Kingdom thus promise a visionary realignment and the departure time. New, so we read that our lives for a long time shape, can be created in 2012. Not bad, did not truly new thinking, new solutions to the problems of the world. But 4000 years experience be reflected here, too: at the political level, so the verdict was in the year of the Dragon the will to move something big (hear, hear!), visible results are not guaranteed. At least look we don’t know what vision 2012 a piece could do “better” the world in the year of the Dragon, not to mention the visible results. Astrology seems so much after this short excursion their effect is certain, likely in the head of the believers of them early. For the reality “out there” we not more than before expect the Dragon by the rabbit. From the minimum obligation at least to look closely and not to repress the unpleasant, and to examine the new ideas on their content, this conclusion does not however. And we will do exactly that further at this point in the new year 2012; Rabbit, Dragon here. Andreas Kellner…

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