Dam Recovery Equipment

At present, the effective dam recovery gets more and more attention. Choosing suitable dam recovery equipment becomes an effective method in saving costs and resources for mining enterprises. With decades producing experience and advanced producing technology, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. becomes one of the most famous dam recovery equipment manufacturers and suppliers in China. With the simple operation, convenient maintenance, high efficiency and low cost, cooperated with magnetic separator, ball mill, other equipments, Hongxing dam recovery equipment saves mineral resources furthest. This equipment adopts the advanced structure design, high quality materials and metal parts, which is reasonable in structure, easy to operate and great in economic returns.The features of Hongxing dam recovery equipment1. The arrangement of magnetic field: the span between the poles is small and there is disk not zero magnetic area between the disk and the disk.2. The ore discharge: The ore discharge is a non-contact type forced discharging ore.

There is a protective layer on the disc surface and no wear on the disk surface. So the service life of the whole equipment is 8-10 times that of the conventional type.3. Large handling capacity: the equipment is special designed aiming at the spoil reclaiming, with special structure and big cavity processing. The handling capacity is several times that of the conventional type.4. High recovery rate: Through the disk, all the material affects by the magnetic field, and the magnetic minerals get full recovery, so the recovery rate is high.5. Water saving: Owing to the unique layout of the magnetic field, the magnetic minerals contain large amounts of water. The dismounted minerals are in flow state, so only a little of water can meet the requirements. High economic efficiency: Small investment and high output efficiency, the annual output of this equipment is several times that of the conventional type.Therefore, Hongxing dam recovery equipment is your wise choice.

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