Daily Internal

That is, all the information transmission and contained generation of knowledge in the daily activities of the similar employees and. Also that communication must be considered whose objective is to inform on diverse events in organization, such as: festividades, awardings, programmings of cultural works and, participation of the organization or employee (s) in events diverse, and similar. The internal communication if of the one in diverse ways, good saying, with half 0 variable, either for the Intranet and or corporative vestibule, internal periodicals, e-mail, bulletin board, circular, etc. However, although to say themselves in internal public and to consider it in principle as being its employees, in any organization more than exists in the truth an internal public. It is paper of the organization, more detidamente of the sectors which are delegated the mission of the communication, to identify which correctly they are the internal public. In first place, a hierarchic imposition exists that the organization chart determines, being that in this in case that, beyond the structures in the picture of employees exists a differentiation it enters the facts to be communicated for each level.

Common, currently, that they daily act in the organization, for times frequenting it, rendering of services, which also if must give the due place in the internal communication. Another also common situation is the constant presence of the customer, or shareholder partner, in the daily life of the organization. This constant convivncia makes with that such public must be considered internal since with the daily frequency in the organization such people need to have minimum knowledge on the functioning and the day the day of the organization, even so its relationships are diverse of the ones of its employees. At last, considered the day the specific day that each organization possesss, it is necessary that correctly each public is identified. In view of the diversity of internal public organization is basic to know it to deal with each one of them, to the end to know to deal with all they.

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