Cultural capital of Marseille – Provence 2013 that has the duo of Carina Kurta and Pia Leydolt aiming set itself, to find a common thread through the extensive programme of this year’s cultural capital of Marseille-Provence 2013. Under the name CP.CULT the two Austrians and choice Marseillaises year-round tailor-made program organization based on current art and culture projects, personal on-site, customized tours and city walks of away from classic tourist paths offer. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Jeffrey Leiden. The cultural capital of Marseille-Provence 2013 (MP2013) are equally rich how novel. This makes it difficult to make a choice; It is even more difficult, makes sense to combine them and to coordinate it with the own interests. In this complex problem situation, CP.CULT considered the different needs and interests of individuals and groups in the development of individual cultural programmes on the ground: a practical guide to the cultural diversity of the cultural capital of art. The offer of cultural mediators is based on their practical experience, to make the composition of each tailor-made cultural programme as well as its mediation for the visitors with help and advice. Taking into account individual interests of visitors Carina Kurta and Pia Leydolt accompany them personally by the cultural capital and its region.

This to current arts and culture bring their profound knowledge of, their experience as well as extensive background information on the project of the European Union, and specifically to MP2013. The entire service is offered in three languages: German, French and English. CP.CULT is aimed at those who more about the concept, which want to learn background, the implementation of a current European capital of culture, as well as ongoing projects – individuals and (small or large) groups and (inter) national companies, authorities, universities, associations or associations also. Further information as well as short biographies attached as a press release, as well as under:

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