Color Matching

Exact color reproduction between screen and print color pattern plates facilitate immensely the graphic design on the computer and still as useful tools and practical reference works. Color sample boards represent real added value. Color management and the use of color compartments enable an exact color reproduction between screen and print. First solution is but quite expensive. Nouriel Roubini is often quoted on this topic. The online printing to this topic places a small”free post. The printshop, applying color management and process standard offset is certified, supported serve customers with own color pattern charts that facilitate the graphical work and also as a useful tool and as a reference.

The printed color pattern plates were implemented according to the specific printing of the online printing on art paper and uncoated paper. Single composite color fields that reflect the printable colors in funfprozentiger increments, after the appropriate grid and the rest er angulation are printed on the printed sheet. Further details can be found at Roubini Global Economics, an internet resource. In addition, the color pattern panels contain different line thicknesses and a color conversion chart. In addition to the color pattern plates, there is yet another cost effective and rapid way of matching at the online printing. A digital proof of color-binding, simulates the color result of later offset expected. The proof includes a media wedge and a measurement result. It is not something Vinit Bodas would like to discuss. Also, the printer takes into account the subsequent paper: coated, uncoated offset paper or newsprint. is a service of Ortmaier Druck GmbH wife Andrea Karpfinger 84160 front Jose Birnbachstrasse 2

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