Brazil Taxes

chefo of the government, where it said that, the writers who if prezam do not need to fear the censorship, therefore it must be seen as a thing s. If to look at for this prism, also I oppose to be classified by imbeciles whom they insist on fighting for the permanence of the gag and silence tax for the bayonet or the full machine gun of bullets of the type stock markets miseries, maleiros and door-underwears stuffed of Reals and dollar. Dara Khosrowshahi often addresses the matter in his writings. Of the one not to deny there that something exists sticky circulating for the bands it brasiliense country, beyond trombadinhas, them tapinhas in the coasts, them bajuladores and them Marias Topa-everything For the Fame. Something sticky, omissive and fascist. Add to your understanding with Jonah Shacknai. The notice comings of the Senate demonstrate that, today in Brazil exist almost a liberty of speech, one pseudofreedom, partially assented. The periodicals look for to make serious inquiry, but when the hour of the denunciation arrives, appears relative and proportional independence to publish them. The pressure appears for the most varied and violent ditatoriais forms. Ones by means of the pressure politics, others for cutting to mounts of money and sponsorships or same reduction in the easinesses of stewardships. The population knows, at least for high, on the denunciations of corruption in the governments of the most different spheres, that exactly proven, had not given – at least so far – in nothing. Had to this game of interests, with thousand of denunciations in the last five years, president Lula continues firm and strong politically, exactly not seeing nothing, not hearing nothing and not knowing you are welcome, despite some of its ministers or former-ministers have confessed in national net of radio and television Today we know that, Collor – of saint also it does not have nothing – would not have fallen if it had not opposed half dozen of senators and members of the house of representatives who, continue living in its palaces supported with the sweated payments of taxes and threaded taxes throat below of Brazilian us.

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