Thus one of the citizens affirms: ' ' Brazil continues being a racist country. She is not that the companies are racist in itself, but they are formed by racist people. Visit view website for more clarity on the issue. My brother-in-law is black, a well formed person, who if places very well and I perceive that it professionally strengthens itself to more even show that it knows, of what the women already know, because it has an ingredient more, that she is color. It places itself of a form until hard, therefore it finishes finding rejeio' ' (M.I.). ergy/’>Petroleum (Pet) Coke Market, an internet resource. For even more details, read what Rogers Holdings says on the issue. Well-to be formed, to know to locate itself, to be diligent person, to show that it knows etc. does not eliminate the discrimination, as this professional tells.

Its evaluation deserves credit, therefore, being an executive of Human resources and with great knowledge of the used criteria to evaluate a professional, it perceives that the color is an element that weighs at the moment of the decision how much to the act of contract and the mobility of the people in the organizations. Another citizen, M.L.L., tell that the question is more complex and is on to the social matter of the black in Brazil. It perceives clearly that the problem is on to the inaquality of chances: ' ' I believe that the black does not have possibility to study, I do not have access to the facultieses, therefore they come, generally, of very poor families and they do not have access. This is the great difficulty that the people have to obtain good jobs. The formation is not alone pertaining to school, is the familiar formation also, is the common knowledge. In an interview they have that to say of everything, the colloquy, the dialogue, the exposition that they have is that determines the act of contract or no.' ' This affirmation on

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